Wow! Read This… One Family’s Amazing Mid-Winter Break Trip Report… Another Success Story & More!

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Coming off a wonderful mid-winter break, we got back into the office this morning to some amazing feedback emails!! Here’s one:

This family’s Mid-Winter Trip Report  courtesy of (links added in by GFT Staff so you can see the attractions on our site for yourself) –



Dear staff,

Just wanted to thank you and for a great winter vacation!!!

My husband and I enjoyed the Croton Gorge dam – it was cold and windy but still beautiful and a nice place for the two of us to go when we had a day off before the kids had off.

Then on Sunday we decided to try out Mystic, CT.

My kids enjoyed the motel experience – Howard Johnson’s was a great suggestion – inexpensive but nice and the pool was great!

The only other people we saw there was another frum Passaic family ; )

We tried out Mystic seaport – not much to do there in the winter and wouldn’t necessarily recommend, but we paid less to get in and it ended up being a fun family bonding experience (we had some good laughs about the ‘membership lady’ who practically begged us to buy a membership, and one of the interesting audience members at the planetarium show we saw there).

One of the locals advised us against the aquarium, saying it was very small for the price, and exhibits are often closed, but the other Passaic family we met told us to check out the Pez factory [Link coming after we check into it GFT] in Orange, CT (en route home) which we all enjoyed and I would definitely recommend.

I guess that’s just a very long way of thanking you for this and the many other great trip ideas and tips we’ve gotten from you (Paterson falls, parks and playgrounds, scenic areas, among others)!!

What an amazing resource, and so entertaining too : )

Thanks again!!

Y.M. & family

So, to them we respond:

Dear Y.M. and family,

We’re so glad you enjoyed you Mid-Winter break, and are even happier that you took the time to write in and let us know how it worked out for you!
It’s people like you that make our job all the much more meaningful, as we can see the results of our work first-hand, and it makes it all the more meaningful.
– Thanks again, keep enjoying our site, (we’ll try to keep it entertaining!) and keep the feedback coming!
The Rowners,
…or how about this email we received, from a Manager at a major attraction we recently wrote about:


I’m Mark, one of the managers here at Gulliver’s Gate.
I met with a wonderful guest today who told me about your site and also mentioned to that it was the winter break for much of the community in New Jersey.
We had so many NJ visitors surprise us today. Thanks for your publicity!!!
I wanted to reach out because we will be closed on the 31rst and I didn’t want anyone to travel all this way and be disappointed upon reaching here to find it closed. We will be back open Thursday the 1rst with normal hours.
Thanks so much again!
Hope this finds you well, and next time you happen to be at  Gulliver’s Gate in the future please say hello.

Gulliver’s Gate

So, to them we respond:

Dear Mark,

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll let the Jewish world know about the schedule, but we don’t think you’ll need to worry as Mid-Winter break has ended.

Still and all, we love to hear about our impact, and we look forward to meeting you sometime in the future  as well!

( exists with the support of our Advertisers. Please utilize their services - Thanks!)

Continuing with your article...

The Rowners,

So, what did YOU do over Mid-Winter Break??

Hit the comments below and let us know!!


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Have a  GREAT day,

New Jersey residents, the Rowner family of nine loves to find great appropriate places to explore.

Among their other escapades, they’ve spent 28 days with an RV camper attached to their car through nine states with no plans (!), and acquired varying degrees of insanity and two turtles to show for it.

Recently featured in Mishpacha Magazine, they enjoy their noisy household, making great adventures and sharing their takeaways and stories with thousands of readers and followers on their website,, and the world’s largest online Jewish travelers resources.


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