Where on Earth is That? Shark Cage Diving – Yes, Something YOU Can Do, Not Too Far!

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Ok, ok, we agree.

Sometimes our ideas are a bit off the wall, but hey, if we just wrote about mini golf and bowling, how entertaining would our site be to read?

Besides, you wouldn’t believe how many people actually try do go to some of the more extreme places, and guess what? They love it!

Speaking of outlandish, this one certainly qualifies – after all, is ‘out off the land’ – pun aside, this is one attraction we thought that you had to go to South Africa or Australia for.


No longer.

Not even in California.

Right here on the Northern East Coast of the US!

More specifically, just off the coast of Rhode Island!

(Incidentally, you could read our 4-part trip report article to Rhode Island, but no, it does NOT include a Shark cage dive, sorry.)

Trip Report: Beluga Whales, Mansions, Cliffs & Wyoming?? – Mystic CT & Newport Rhode Island – Dec 2016


Usually priced at $250, this wouldn’t really qualify as an inexpensive activity, but in fairness, it isn’t really a cheap thrill!

Regardless, using the Groupon Promo code above or below at checkout brings the price down to $174 per person, not a bad deal at all, considering you can use it all the way until Sept 1st!

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