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Just a few days ago we wrote about the new Deep Sea Ocean Odyssey Experience that opened in NYC.

Never one to leave a great thing unexplored, I jumped on it and tried it out last night with one of my children… all in a day’s work of course 🙂

In a nutshell: Pretty Awesome!

Value: A bit pricey for the money, but you can save BIG-TIME with today’s Promo code above!

Yup, that’s us!


A few highlights we loved that were absolutely otherworldly:

  • Walking “through” the water while the fish scooted out of the way of our feet
  • The immersive battle between two ferocious 13′ long, life-size Humboldt squid
  • Getting up-close with (and eaten by!)  a life-sized 50-foot Humpback whale
  • Being lost in their kelp forest (really, it was that good!)
  • Playing one-on-one with a trained sea lion
  • The ‘how it was made exhibit’ at the end with the makers and videographers at National Geographic – pretty cool too

Which brings us to the first of our 10 best ways to save today:

#10) Ocean Odyssey Encounter – Instead of paying the price at the counter of $43+ (39.50+ tax) try this:

Pay only $24.50 per adult, and $23.50 per child, using this LINK and today’s Promo Code!

Great Frum TIP: Purchase and pay for each ticket individually using today’s promo code to maximize your savings!


#9) SIX Sixty Minute Jump Passes at the New Rockin’ Jump Indoor Trampoline Park in Wayne for $132 ONLY $62!

Most indoor trampoline parks like Rebounderz and Sky Zones don not work with this promo code. We checked, this one works, and is your best value for the money at just about$10 /person.



#8) Two Tickets to LegoLand Discovery Center Westchester $61.90 for ONLY $25.98 (Wow!)

Great Frum TIP: Purchase and pay for sets of 2 tickets individually (NOT 4) using today’s promo code to maximize your savings!

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#7) Awesome winter energy-burner for kids (and adults) with Five Passes to Pump-It-Up for $125 ONLY $49!

Pump-it-Up is more intense than the  indoor trampoline parks like Rockin’ jump above, Rebounderz and Sky Zone, so this might be more suitable for tweens, teens or those who like physical activities


#6) Admission for TWO to BOTH Gullivers Gate and Ripleys Believe it or Not NYC$138  ONLY $55 (Wow!)

Great Frum TIP: Purchase and pay for sets of 2 tickets individually (NOT 4) using today’s promo code to maximize your savings! As we mentioned once before, this is your BEST bet at saving with a Promo code to Gulliver’s Gate, and astounding attraction in its own right.


#5) One 4-Course Prix-Fixe Dinner for Four People – Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar, NYC $367.50 ONLY $155 (Wow!)

Great Frum TIP: Been there a few times, quite decent for the price, go for the steaks, which are really good! There is also live music 3 nights a week at the restaurant, making a for a more unique ambiance than the typical kosher retaurant

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#4) BEST VALUE EVER! Good ALL YEAR, again & again at 400+ Science Museums & More Family  – One Year Family Membership (for up to 10!)  to All ASTC Museums on THIS LIST & The Intrepid for $200 ONLY $80 (Wow!)

Any Serial Shidduch Daters in your house? Reign in their budget with this, plus use it on Chol Hamoed, the summer, the next Chol Haomed, next mid-Winter, even in Florida 🙂


#3) $220 Value   Towards Dinner Valid Monday-Wednesday for Parties of Four or More – The Butcher’s Steakhouse (Deal, NJ)

 $220 ONLY $116 (Wow!)

Great Frum TIP: People rave about the delicious Delmonico Steaks  – Not just the above option – other days and deals are available here as well!


#2) One Night, Mid-Week Family Suite at Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains with 6 Indoor waterpark passes for TWO DAYS $350 ONLY $119+tax!!

The water park, which hovers around 84 degrees all year long, isn’t the resort’s only family-friendly activity. You’ll also find Howl at the Moon Glow Golf, mini bowling at Ten Paw Alley, and Scooops Kid Spa, complete with ice-cream-sundae pedicure chairs.

You can enter the water park at 1 p.m. on the day you check in and stay until close on the day you check out (essentially 2 days’ water park admission). And since there are no day passes for outside visitors, resort guests have exclusive access and won’t get stuck in long lines. Ladies & Girls can purchase these  Tznius Swim Dresses to go too, and the boys can do activities around the resort.


#1) Ok, ok, don’t shoot us for this one, but you can actually skydive, from a plane, with a parachute, in nearby Philly for just over $100 with this one! $299, now ONLY $116!

Considering that one crazy Rowner brother (no names, not me) paid over $300 to do this once, its a steal for the right kind of person… dare we suggest a gift for that neighbor whose dog loves to utilize the beautiful, green grassy restroom you call your lawn 🙂 ?


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P.S. Groupon has many kosher restaurants that can save you a HUGE amount! Especially if you can use a promo code to save more, which you often can. See the complete list HERE.


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