Trip Report: Goats, ‘Guanabanas’, Iguanas & More Gators! Florida Mid Winter Break – Part 2

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First, a road sign we just have to share with you.

It reads as follows:


Huh, you ask?! Good question! We’ll get to that just a bit further down the post.

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(continued from above the sponsorship jump)

(All photos taken with our Canon Rebel – buy one here on Amazon by clicking the pic below:)

Continuing from where we left off yesterday in Part 1, [Read that first!] here we present Part 2 of our Mid-Winter break to Florida on a budget with nine, ke”h.

We neglected to mention that we ended off yesterday with sunset just before Virginia Key, near Biscayne Bay, a free public access beach area that was nearly empty not far from Miami Beach, where we headed for supper.

For the native Floridians, the outside 84 degree temperature is FREEZING, so they don’t go swimming in the ocean in the Winter for the most part… makes for plenty of available beach space for frum families to enjoy!

Our kids loved the waves, it wasn’t too deep, and they collected lots of pieces of coral reef that washed up as well. Thus truly ended Thursday, day 1. Onto Friday, day 2!

How much can you already do on a Friday?? Ready, set, here goes!

Heading out to Homestead, Fl, also known as the “Gateway to the Keys,” you have to stop and check out this place: ROBERT IS HERE.

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He is? So what! What could be so interesting about Robert?

Robert has been at this popular intersection for over 50 years,  growing and selling fruits you have NEVER known existed.

Even if you consider yourselves knowledgeable Tu B’shvat experts, you are guaranteed a Shehechiyanu here.

We got to meet Robert himself, and had him pick out some of the choicest variety of freshly grown, ripe fruits to sample and buy.

Have you ever seen or heard of a fruit like a Guanabana? How about a Chocolate Pudding Fruit? A Mammy Sapote, claiming to taste like cheesecake?

On top of the experience, the service here is top-notch! Above, Robert’s son cuts us up freshly grown Sugar canes to chew on.

(This tiny interruption can save you $ too...)Try Amazon Prime FREE! continues...

Pics below of the kids eating it. It was delicious, as was the guanabana,

and the fresh ripe red dragon fruit, picked at the peak of sweetness, and cut up right in front of us!

We were not so into the Black Sapote, Mammy Sapote, or Jack Fruit, but the Chocolate Pudding fruit he picked out for us (picture below) was actually quite good.

Caution Tip: Let them pick out a ripe one for you, and don’t bring one back to the North like we once did. You will NOT enjoy the taste then, [been there, done that :)]

Inside view of the “chocolate pudding”. Surprisingly not a bad substitute albeit not as sweet.

Side benefit: one of our kids with a milk allergy as able to have some “chocolate pudding” for the first time in his life.

They also give out this helpful brochure:

Ready to head out to the back of the store? We’re not quite sure which part is more fun!

Wait! We haven’t yet told you about the sign we showed you…

We’re nearly there! Read on just after the message brought to you by:

Before we continue, we remind you that this post is sponsored by the best places to stay when you are in Florida: Florida Kosher Villas!

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(continued from above the sponsorship jump)

The back of ROBERT IS HERE is as fun as the front, and featured the tourist / alligator sign we showed you, as well as some other signs:

Big boy toys, and little boy toys,

roaming chickens you may catch if you can,

plenty of other animals to see, feed and pet,

Cows, goats, tortoises, ducks

geese, (I love the palm trees in the background of the pic,)

pigs, even parrots!

Don’t forget that this is the Winter there, so being that it was so “cold”, their splash park sprinklers were off in the playground. ALL FREE for visitors to use!

Your Amazon purchases keep our site up, Thanks!

- GreatFrumTrips continues...

Don’t forget that it’s Friday, and we still haven’t yet hit our second stop:

The world famous Everglades National Park, also known as the second largest National Park in the US, Florida’s ONLY fresh water supply, and Florida’s largest fresh alligator supply, too.

Being on a tight timeframe with Shabbos on the way, we headed to Anhinga Trail, where you are pretty much guaranteed to see plenty of alligators in the wild. We were greeted by the above sign advising us to cover our car with a tarp to prevent the wild vultures from damaging it.

And then onto the trail!

NO, kids!!

Look at the sign! No petting!! These are dangerous and wild!

As you get further down the trail…. wow!!!

That’s A LOT of alligators!!

We continued on the side trail over the wooden walkway through the marsh.

Wildlife abounds!

Keep a good handle on the little ones!

We’re not here to feed these guys…

(This tiny interruption can save you $ too...)Try Amazon Prime FREE! continues...

Very clear water allowed us to see these large fish called Florida Gars in the wild.

And then, it was back to the car, with a quick stop into the Nature and Visitors Center for restrooms before heading back to our hosts in North Miami Beach for Shabbos!

Ready to head to Florida yourself?

Stay with best: Florida Kosher Villas!

Click here for more info and to reach them!

Think we’re done? Stay tuned for the upcoming adventure of Day # 3! Coming soon!

It’s all in a days work for the family! (sigh, I love my job.)


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