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We love when it happens.

The upside of publishing an online kosher travel magazine is the feedback we get from everyone we meet about somewhere we suggested or wrote about and how great their trip was.

We recently published the “unofficial 2017 corn maze guide” and one of the places we wrote up was Ort Farms, in Long Valley, NJ, about 45 minutes west of Passaic.

Here’s a little secret: While we have been to hundreds of places, and do research every place we post about, we have not personally visited every single attraction that we write about, (shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone,) and Ort farms was one of those.

But after hearing great feedback from a reader about their recent trip, we decided to check it out this past Sunday afternoon.

For heading out at about 2PM, we actually got a whole lot of fun in on this afternoon trip…

Here’s the full report for your reading pleasure!

Lets start by saying that the farm is a great size for what they offer – not too big, and not too small.

They don’t not charge anything to come in, and many of the activities, like their climbing structures, hay tunnel, hay maze, and petting zoo are free 🙂

Cups of corn to feed the animals are available reasonably.

As there were no lines for all those activities, we enjoyed them first.

Their hay ride is a bargain at just $1 per person, and riders under 2 come along at no charge, but the lines were long, so we went to the corn maze first.

Pretty extensive i n size, the corn maze has a pretty cool design, and costs  $6 per person for entry. Their take-along map is not so accurate, but we figured it out.

We did find and successfully used this coupon you can use one per family for ONE FREE ENTRY:

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“Getting lost? Hold on to my tzitis and we’ll all make it out together!”

After an hour in the maze, there was no line for the hay ride and we got right on. They were also operating FIVE of these huge tractors, some with double trailers so they definitely get credit for keeping things moving.

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It does go to a pumpkin picking field, but that wasn’t our thing, so we just enjoyed the ride.

We stopped at the farm market for some delicious varieties of farm fresh apples and quite enjoyed them before heading across the street in their crosswalk to the monster truck rides!

We were delighted to meet Shawn, his family and his monster trucks, whom we’d previously met at the Monster Truck Show over the summer. Read about and see some WILD pictures of that HERE

At $5 per person, this was half of what truck rides cost at the show, and was the highlight of the day!

We can tell you how much fun the ride was, but we’ll let the pictures do that for you instead:


We saved the best for last – our 2 yr old put on a brave face to join the family on the ride!

Here is a link to their website for the current hours and activity schedule.

(This tiny interruption can save you $ too...)Try Amazon Prime FREE! continues...

They have also occasionally offer a great combo deal on Groupon, which you should check on HERE.

Click our map and search “Ort” for directions and links.


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Most of all, have fun!


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