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The Catskill mountains of the nineties were ‘the place’ to go for the summer.

Overpriced crowded bungalow colonies, swarms of flies, dilapidated kitchens, rusted bunk beds crammed into 2 bedrooms, unwanted 4-legged creatures, and with the outdoors as your living room, when it rained – well, let’s just say everyone always davened for good weather.

But it was the accepted thing to do, so everyone did it, schlepping along half the house, making multiple trips in overloaded cars or rented trucks through the traffic up to the country, before realizing that they forgot the bathing suits at home. And the havdalah candle. And the challah knife.

Not to mention shopping limited to overpriced food stores and limited eatery options.

Lucky there’s another option that makes all of that a thing of the past.

Imagine summer vacationing in your own beautiful private villa, in a suburban frum town, with all the amenities provided for your comfort and convenience, without the schlep.

Top notch frum camps for the kids, minyanim at your convenience, fully stocked batei midrashim, the widest selection of groceries, specialty stores, and restaurants anywhere make this an idyllic summer vacation opportunity for couples, families, grandparents or anyone looking for that perfect vacation destination.

Some of the gorgeous properties even feature private pools, huge yards, and enough space for family reunions and even simchas.

Where is this you ask?

Lakewood, NJ.

Really, you ask? I never thought to consider that a vacation town.

Well, it’s time you did!

Just 10 minutes from the ocean, and surrounded by beautiful parks and a plethora of fun attractions, Lakewood was once one of the most popular vacation destinations around the turn of the century.

One hundred years later, with the booming Jewish population, vacation properties around Lakewood were non-existent, leaving people with no real place to truly relax in ultimate comfort, so people naturally didn’t consider it.

Until just recently.

Lakewood Hosts, operated by the Weinberger family of Florida Kosher Villas fame took the Jewish world by storm, in two short years opening and operating tens of beautiful private vacation properties central to nearly every neighborhood in this burgeoning Jewish metropolis.

Furnished luxuriously and fully stocked with every amenity a frum person would need, you don’t need to schlep along anything – just come as you are, bring the family and enjoy a five star vacation experience!

Centrally located just about one hour from Brooklyn and Northern NJ, and even less from Staten Island, Edison, Highland Park, coupled with every imaginable eatery, shuls, shopping destinations, and even the world’s only Cholov Yisroel Rita’s Gelatos, the Catskills had better watch out!

With so many types of properties available to suit every need, from suites to mansions and everything in between, which vacation home is right for you?

See all of the options here now, and book yours while prime properties and choice dates are still available.

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Now when your friends tell you to “enjoy your summer,” you’ll smile at them and say confidently respond, “I will.”

Find your vacation home now – Click HERE for Homes & Villas or HERE for Apartments, Studios & Suites, or just select from the pictures below:

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Your vacation… your way. Done.

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