The Ultimate Amusement Park Guide – Updated for Chol Hamoed Pesach 5778

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Chol Hamoed and Amusement Parks go hand-in hand!

As their season hasn’t started yet which parks are open over Chol Hamoed? What days? Which are Closed?

At the end of August, we posted this great list of amazing Amusement Park deals. Here’s the revised edition!



Updated for Pesach 2018, this exclusive list of phenomenal Amusement parks with updates as to what is open over Yom Tov, and links to where you can check if there is a deal available for each specific Park.

Some are nearby to home, and some are near popular frum vacation spots – All make great family memories!







Atlantic City’s Steel Pier – Open Chol Hamoed!

Also note Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari – rented out exclusively by NCSY – Click HERE for Tickets!



Chol Hamoed Update to This List: Unless otherwise noted below, as of this posting the following Amusement Parks plan to be open over Chol Hamoed. – We still strongly suggest that you call and verify before heading out first.





Great place for all AGES!

Adventureland is a terrific family park with more than 30 nostalgic and new attractions for EVERY AGE! Among them, a giant pirate ship swings like a pendulum, the cars on the Turbulence Coaster spin freely as they travel along the tracks, and the ferris wheel lifts passengers up and around in cars shaped like hot air balloons. Adventure Falls adds water to the mix, sending boats down a steep flume and drenching riders so they don’t have to sit in the water fountain to feel refreshed.

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Located on Long Island, New York





Value for your money!

Bayville Adventure Park provides thrills and chills for visitors of all ages.

Attractions such as Jungle Tree Top Adventure, The Lost Temple Maze, and a rock climbing wall encourage healthy competition, while Pirate Adventure Golf invites guests to practice their short game and best parrot impression. The park also has an indoor arcade, an ice-cream parlor, and, weather permitting, other outdoor attractions including a bungee bounce and the Jungle Tree Top Adventure.

Located on Long Island, New York



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NOTE: The park is not open yet for Chol Hamoed.

Since its founding in 1846, Lake Compouncethe oldest continuously operating amusement park in America — has grown into a mecca for family-friendly entertainment and adrenaline-boosting rides. Delightful yelps and laughs punctuate the thunderous roll of passing roller coasters along the walkways.

In addition to their stable of tried-and-true amusement park classics, Lake Compounce is outfitted with death-defying coasters (and a full-fledged water park). Step through the gates and take a spin on the following:

  • Phobia Phear Coaster: The first triple-launch coaster in New England with LSM technology reaches 65 miles per hour and performs a shriek-inducing inversion 150 feet in the air.
  • Down Time: Riders ascend to the top of this tower before plummeting 180 feet at 60 miles per hour.
  • Mammoth Falls: Take the whole family aboard a raft and travel down a series of curving slides with splashes of water.
  • Your little thrill seekers will love Kiddieland outfitted with more than 20 ride perfect for ages 0-5 years old.

NOTE: The waterpark, while separated, is in close proximity to the main amusement park, which may cause tzniyus issues in the summertime.

Click HERE for the DEAL: (currently unavailable for chol hamoed.)

Located in Lake Compounce, Connecticut



Chol Hamoed Update:  Park is closed for the season.

Don’t be fooled. Though it looks like a relatively small coaster, the Wooden Warrior at Quassy Amusement Park packs some serious thrills. A turnaround through a pitch-black tunnel and ample amounts of “air time” have made this coaster a favorite for many; in fact, The Coaster Critic put it on the list of the top 25 wooden coasters in 2012. Along with Frantic, a new 360-degree spinning ride for the 2015 season, more than 20 thrilling attractions are sprinkled across the park grounds.

Once home to a summer resort, Quassy Amusement Park first began with a picnic area, paddleboats and a carousel. But Quassy really took shape around 1952, when the owners purchased some children’s rides. A couple of the rides are still around today, including a boat ride that skims the surface of a circular trough filled with water, and two-seat jet fighters that send flyers up in an aircraft worthy of Flash Gordon. Of course, new kids’ attractions have arrived over the decades, including the Frog Hopper, a seating platform that soars up a 16-foot tower and then descends with a series of quick, gentle drops.

Other areas cater to the whole family. The Grand Carousel spins with jumping horses and other animals that have the patience to sit perfectly still.

The largest attraction at Quassy Amusement & Waterpark is Lake Quassapaug, and the park makes great use of its waterfront location. In addition to the park, visitors can take a boat tour or charter their own voyages on paddle boats.

Click HERE for the DEAL: (currently unavailable for chol hamoed.)

Located in Connecticut



Chol Hamoed Update:  The deal is not available currently.

Staten Island FunPark bills itself as the only facility within the New York City limits to offer all of the big three interactive amusements: go-karts, mini golf, and batting cages.

Open daily in the summertime—with operating hours stretching to 11 p.m. on balmy Friday and Saturday nights—the park is an ideal spot for a wholesome date or fun-filled outing for the family.

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Centrally Located in Staten Island, New York





Chol Hamoed Update: Deal is sold out as of this posting  but this is still a great family park and they will be open every day of Chol Hamoed .

Bonus: I-Play America amusement park is INDOORS, not far from Lakewood, and also features Go-Karting and Arcades as well!

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Centrally Located in Freehold, New Jersey




Bonus: This centrally located Keansburg Amusement Park  also features Go-Kartingindoor Arcades, and a beach behind it that we have found to be empty on many occasions and gone wading or swimming in the ocean.

Centrally Located in Central New Jersey

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Chol Hamoed Update:  Park is closed.

Note: While technically over the border into Pennsylvania, this great amusement park is very close to New Jersey.

In a nutshell: A Theme park based entirely on Sesame Street where families can whirl on rides, splash down slides and enjoy live shows with Sesame Street

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Located in Pennsylvania, on the New Jersey border near Philadelphia




Chol Hamoed Update: Deal is no longer available as of this post. Note: Park is not open yet.


This HUGE amusement park features many famous roller coasters, as well as “Snoopy Land,” perfect for your little kids.

Also great if you are heading to Lancaster, PA for vacation.

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Located in Pennsylvania on the way to Lancaster




Chol Hamoed Update: Deal is no longer available as of this post. Note: Park is not open yet.

Bonus: This HUGE amusement park is the perfect fit for younger families and kids. Features a terrific selection of younger to older kids rides for a FULL DAY of fun!

Also great if you are heading to Lancaster, PA for vacation.

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Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Chol Hamoed Update: Deal is no longer available as of this post. Note: Park is not open yet.

Heading to Pittsburgh, PA, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, Canton or Cincinnati, Ohio?

Stop HERE on your way for a great Via Point break!

Located just minutes outside Pittsburgh, Kennywood offers a unique mix of classic rides and modern thrills, including six roller coasters, a 14-ride Kiddieland, and several attractions that cannot be found anywhere else. Kennywood’s three wooden coasters date back to the 1920’s and are treasured as much for their historic value as the fact that they all continue to deliver fun in its purest form

One of only two amusement parks named a National Historic Landmark, visiting Kennywood can be like traveling back in time to a simpler era. You won’t find the overly sanitized glitz and glamour of more modern parks here—yet nestled amongst the 90-year-old Merry Go Round and beloved family rides like the Turtle, you’ll still encounter thrills that will take even the most adventurous person’s breath away.

Try the Phantom’s Revenge, one of the fastest roller coasters in the world, or the Black Widow, which spins guests around as it hurtles 146 feet in the air, sending riders almost upside down at speeds close to 70 miles per hour!

Kennywood Amusement Park

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Located minutes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania




Perfect stop on the way to Niagara or Ontario!


Chol Hamoed Update:  Park is not open yet.

Heading to Niagara Falls, Toronto or Ontario? Stop HERE on the way for a great Via Point Break!

Since the mid-1960s, Darien Lake has served as a destination for families to camp, swim, and enjoy the outdoors in summertime. Of course, a lot has changed since then: the lake has grown from a small beach to an expansive theme park, one filled with a number of thrill rides and water rides.

The theme park boasts over 50 rides, a 10-acre water park, and (2) family ride areas for kids! Darien Lake provides a great memorable experience for families that transcend generations – and has been a family tradition for decades! Enjoy the nightly Ignite the Night: Colorblast to make it a perfect ending to your fun-filled day!

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Located in North-Western New York






Chol Hamoed Update: Deal is no longer available as of this post. Note: Park is not open yet.

Bonus: This HUGE amusement park is the perfect fit for younger families and kids. Features a terrific selection of younger to older kids rides for a FULL DAY of

Also great if you are heading to New Hampshire for vacation.

 Click HERE for the DEAL:

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

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Most of all, have fun!





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