The Deal that was MADE for Bein Hazmanim – 16 Zip Line, 4 Solid Hours, Tree-Top Adventure Course Down a Mountain – For A STEAL!

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There’s Great Adventures, and then there’s even greater adventures.

This place definitely fits into the second category.

While we’ve written about this before (here), if there was ever a trip made for tweens, teens and bochurim, THIS place is IT – so in honor of bein hazmanim and this deal being available again, we present it again as our pick of the week.

People ask us all the time, “What’s is the best value trip ever for the money?”, and without the slightest hesitation, this place is the answer.

Centrally located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, just about 25 minutes from the NJ border, this 4-hour treetop course features a solid four hours of climbing, flying, (falling?) jumping, zip lining and more.


With similar courses we’ve looked at costing as much as $110 per person, this is a STEAL at just $23.80 per person (!) with the promo code above, or just $30 per person without one – still an awesome, awesome price.

See the 2 screenshots from today, and compare:

Sure you can pay that for their limited options course, or…







Ages? We’d say age 10 or so and up would appreciate it but you need to know your kid, and we’ve taken our oldest, gone as a couple, each independently taken friends and most of all, thoroughly enjoyed the experience each time!

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Note: – 4 hours is a real 4 hours, and once they take you up the mountain, it will take approximately that long to get down through the four or five parts of the course, so plan accordingly.

Also note, groups leave every half hour throughout the day, so book in advance after purchasing your deal tickets. If you will be coming late, call ahead to them and see if you can be pushed into the next group

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We have found them to be very accommodating, and the mountain is HUGE, so you will not feel crowded.

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