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Who cares about the weather? Heated and Air Conditioned Liberty Aqua Tours is the only cruise line in NY that gives you 4 Free Kids Tickets with every adult ticket purchase!

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The Details on the Statue of Liberty Cruise Deal above:


Every morning we embark from Pier36 to the Statue of Liberty from 10am – 4pm, taking in the sights in between including: The Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, Historic South Street Seaport, Brooklyn, Governor’s Island, The Staten Island Ferry and South Piers, The Freedom Towers, New Jersey, and of course Lady Liberty Herself!Kids under 10/11 Years of Age Ride for Free (must be accompanied by an adult, limit 4 per adult ticket, for Schools or Groups, please contact them for packages). Beat the hours and hours of waiting to land on and to leave Liberty Island and take an up close, Photo Adventure with you, your family or children or loved ones!

Tickets are a steal and we set sail every day barring severe weather conditions as the boats are heated and air conditioned! Concessions on the Lower Decks and more!

What are you waiting for? Let’s Cruise to the Statue of Liberty together!

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