Squirrel-K, Pete’s (Kosher?) Pizza & Us… A true story of kosher conundrum out west – and a Directory of Reliable Kosher Symbols

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A bright yellow rental pickup truck, (with a tent on the back), two teenage Yeshiva Bochurim, one drivers license, and a summer trip out to the wild west – what more can you ask for the summer Bein Hazmanim?

A number of years ago, two of my brothers did this and took a multi-week road trip to wing it in the wild west with said equipment above.


While their story had quite a few adventures (which maybe we can get them to write up in a future article,) here is one excerpt from their adventures as they arrived in Denver, Colorado.

Coming across a pizza shop billing itself as kosher, they stopped to take a second look – after all, they hadn’t had fresh pizza in a while, and this certainly was tempting.



The name of the shop raised a flag in itself… after all,

How many kosher pizzerias have you heard of named “Pete’s Pizza”?

Walking in and inquiring of the man behind the counter who the kosher supervision made them squirm even further.

“Squirrel-K Kosher,” answered the counter person confidently, as if this was the most nationally recognized kosher symbol in the world.

“Yikes,” thought my two East-Coast-raised brothers.

Stammering some poorly worded excuse to the man clearly waiting for them to order some of his fresh kosher pizza, they nearly tripped over each other’s feet in their haste to backtrack out the door.


Calling my uncle, a Denver resident, they told their story over, and inquired as to the real kosher status of “Pete’s”

Laughing uproariously at their tale, my uncle could barely catch his breath.



“Scroll-K,” said my uncle. That’s the local Denver Vaad Hakashrus, and a perfectly valid Kosher symbol.


Let’s just say they enjoyed their fresh pizza that day, and Pete’s  Kosher Pizza has long since ceased to exist in Denver.


and now for the point of this cute, true tale…

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What happens when you are traveling and come across a kosher symbol you don’t recognize?


With the globalization of kosher, more and more have we bumped into hecsherim and kosher symbols that we have never before seen, leaving us us clueless as to whether they are to be deemed reliable or not?

Step in the CRC, with the only published listing of reliable symbols we know of.

Look up any Kosher symbol HERE!

Eat. Got it. Kosher Food Resources for the Jewish Traveler


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