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Wishing Spring a warm welcome!

We’ve been teased by you long enough this year 🙂

It’s nearly time to put away boots, coats & gloves, and bring out the sneakers, bicycles, scooters and rollerblades. We can’t wait!

Just about 5 minutes South of Passaic/Clifton lies the town of Nutley, NJ – home to one of the most beautiful and well-kept Park Systems in North Jersey.

From the Park System’s own website: “The parks in Nutley are considered the “crown jewel” of the Essex County park systems. […]

The latest surveys list the Township as maintaining over 10,000 trees and over 100 acres of recreational land. No home in Nutley is more than one half mile from a park or playground.”

Pretty amazing, if you ask me!

We at GreatFrumTrips.com have been visiting the Nutley Parks for about 25 years now, and they are the gold standard of a suburban Park System.

Click to print our official guide map to the park system, including bike / walking / rollerblading path locations, parking, playgrounds, waterfalls & more.

Click on the map below to enlarge and print.

While the Park is beautiful in all seasons…

…it is particularity beautiful when the cherry blossoms along many of the trails and paths bloom – probably just a few weeks out from now.

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There are gorgeous walking paths with benches, streams, bridges, ponds & more,

and multiple playgrounds dot the manicured acreage.

The biggest and best of the playgrounds is Yanticaw Park, incidentally just a few blocks away from a kosher Rita’s Italian Water Ices we wrote about here.

Yanticaw is a large, fully gated area surrounding a complex of playground structures and swingsets, with a soft, padded-type pavement underneath for safety.

Switching all the way over to the Northern end of the park for a moment, bring along the bikes, and you can park in the Park & Ride in front of Staples (free). A crosswalk brings you right into the Kingsland Ave end of the park, where a small island and waterfalls greet you.

From there you can bike along the paths through the entire park system from end to end, or as far as you may want to go. 

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So what are you waiting for? Print out the map, and get going! Don’t forget to get your free Rita’s Ices TODAY, March 20, 2017 for the first day of Spring!









Click on the map below to enlarge and print.


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