Shhhhhhh! This gem is so well hidden in plain sight, practically no-one knows it’s there!

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Shhhhh! Put on your detective hat, sunglasses and trench-coat… We’re going undercover for this top-secret place!

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Hiding just behind a huge Sam’s Club and Walmart in Secaucus, NJ…

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Surreptitiously nestled in plain sight of all the shoppers who have no idea of it’s existence,

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With an inconspicuous entrance at the far back right side of a Bob’s Discount Furniture Parking lot,

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Is this quiet, simple & beautiful nature trail called…

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The Mill Creek Marsh… A great spot for a quick “get-out-with-the-kids-for-a-quick-break” spot – just 10 minutes from the Passaic/Clifton area

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Tell you more, you ask?


Once the proposed site of a townhouse development, Mill Creek Marsh was preserved and restored by the Meadowlands Environmental Protection agency in 1998. The invasives reeds that had choked the marsh were replaced with native plant species to attract a diversity of aquatic life and birds and tidal flows were reestablished in the wetlands.  

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The one-mile, clay-packed, Mill Creek Marsh Trail provides breathtaking views of the wetlands and the New York City skyline which frame the 209-acre natural area.

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One of the most notable characteristic of the marsh is the dozens of ancient white cedar stumps that dot the waterway. They are the last remnants of a primeval forest that once covered a third of the area for hundreds of years.

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Today the rot resistant stumps serve as perches for egrets and shorebirds, making the marsh an especially popular destination for bird watchers. 

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The tide will affect what you see in the Mill Creek Marsh. At high tide the shoreline is covered by six feet of water.At low tide the water line falls below the mudflats, revealing the edges of the channel

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The tidal flow affects the visibility of the channels. When the tide goes out, the channels are more visible. If the tide is coming in, the channels will be difficult to see. At mid to high tide, additional areas are available for exploration

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So where is it exactly, and how do you get there?



Name: Mill Creek Marsh

GPS Address: Mill Creek Mall, 3 Mill Creek Dr, Secaucus, NJ 07094

Phone: 201.777.2431

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Website for the Park: WEBSITE LINK

Tried and Tested: YES

Recommended for: Families, couples,  all ages – Lunch Break, short outings

Worth traveling an hour for? Probably not; less a destination and more an of a spot for an hour’s hike, walk, birding or nature spot

Distance from Passaic/Clifton: Approx 8-10 min.

GFT – The trail is good for jogging-type strollers, not those with smaller wheels.

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Most of all HAVE FUN!


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