Roadside America – (Gulliver’s First Stop Before He Got to the Gate) A Miniature World Without Times Square

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We’ve written extensively about Gulliver’s Gate, an incredible venue in Times Square featuring a miniature World with an astonishing amount of detail.

In fact, was the FIRST of any Jewish Media Outlet to introduce it to the Jewish world even before it’s Grand Opening, and while bit of a pricey, we found it to be absolutely fascinating.

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If you want a similar but less expensive venue that preceded this one, in there is Roadside America, which is fairly incredible in its own right.

Smaller and less technical than Gulliver’s Gate, Roadside America  offers significantly discounted admission, and is great for an indoor experience without the crowds. Note: They are Closed typically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

But the price is less for a family than one admission to Gulliver’s Gate can be… real estate just isn’t as expensive in Pennsylvania!

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