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The beautiful weather the past few days has been out of this world!

Comes along  Sunday, with the kids being home, and what happens? It rains.

So what do you do with all that spring-fever, energy-excess that your kids are so full of on this cold, rainy day?

Try THIS ‘out of this world’ attraction – INDOORS, and 55% OFF!

Featuring: Laser Tag & Arcades,

Ice Skating (on-site skate rentals available,)

and a delightful, 3-story soft-play area for the littler ones – What’s not to like?!

Tell us more, you say? Coming right up!

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All these great activities happen at Bridgewater Sports Arena – just about 15 minutes from Highland Park / Edison area, and central to nearly EVERY Jewish community in the area!

The details, please!

Laser Tag?

LaserTag is a 21st century version of capture the flag. Three teams compete for points and glory in an eerie, black-light lit, fog-filled arena.

All players entering the LaserZone arena are given a special vest to wear, equipped with a high-tech laser, perfect for fending off those pesky opponents and scoring points. The object of each adventure is to score as many points as possible for you and your team.

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Players begin in the briefing room and receive a demonstration of how to play the game. They will learn about the packs, phaser, bases, mines, and how team and individual scoring is calculated in addition to the rules of the arena. Following this short demonstration players will enter the vesting room.

Here they will be equipped with a LaserTag vest and phaser. The packs weigh about 5lbs each and are recommended for players over the age of 5. They slip on over the player’s head and buckle on the sides ensuring a secure fit. The hand-held phaser is attached to the pack by a wire but allows the player plenty of maneuverability. Players may be divided up into three teams (Red, Green and Blue) with a maximum of 10 players per team.

The game begins and the players are unleashed into the arena.

The LaserTag arena is lit by black lights that reflect special fluorescent paint on the walls that reveals an eerie space scene. There are plenty of nooks and coves to hide in around the maze-like arena. Each team also has their own base to defend during the game.

After the game is over, players reenter the vesting room and remove their packs. A large monitor on the wall will display the teams points and individual player points. From start to end, most games take about 25 minutes to complete (actual playing time is 15mins).HOURS:

Sunday 10:00AM-8:00PM

Monday-Thursday: 4:00PM-9:00PM

Friday- 4:00PM-11:00PM

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TIP! Laser Zone can be reserved for private parties and groups, so call ahead to confirm the actual times available for Walk-In players. (732) 627-0006 and press 0 for the operator

The Arcades?

This deal gives you free tokens to use in the Arcade Rooms. Details from the Attraction Website:

“The Bridgewater Sports Arena arcade features over 65 of the latest games and video simulators.  Players receive tickets from selected games which can be redeemed for big prizes.

Arcade games are regularly swapped out for new games so be sure to check back frequently.

We have games for players of all ages and ability levels.”

Ice Skating?

The on-site skating rink has Open Skating EVERY day, and costs $5 – $7 per person. Skate Rentals are a reasonable $3 p/p. (Ice Skating admission is not included in the lasertag /arcade deal)

TIP: Be sure to check the Open Skating Rink Schedule to avoid disappointment.

The Soft Play Area?

Soft Play is the three story climbing and play area, usually open to the public but occasionally booked for parties and special events.

  • $5.00 admission per child (admission is not included in the lasertag /arcade deal)
  • 9 years old and under. No exceptions
  • Please call ahead for open days and times (732) 627-0006, and press 0 for the operator

So what’s the DEAL, and how do we get there?

What You’ll Get:

Name: Bridgewater Sports Arena


Website for information

GPS Address: 1425 Frontier Road, Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807

(Click address above for directions in Google Maps)

Phone: 732-627-0006

Located in: Central NJ, Bridgewater, NJ – not too far from most frum communities

Distance from Passaic / Clifton / Fairlawn / North Bergen: Approx 40 Min

Distance from Teaneck / Monsey: Approx 45 /60 min

Distance from Elizabeth / West Orange: Approx 30 min

Distance from Highland Park / Edison: Approx 15 min

Distance from Brooklyn / Queens: 55 min (more with traffic)

Distance from Lakewood: Approx 50 Minutes

Tried & Tested: Not yet, but the laser tag is highly rated in verified reviews, although people did mention that some arcades were down on their visits

Worth traveling an hour for? Your call, but a great deal  and a lot to do under ONE ROOF

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Most of all, have fun!


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