Perfect for Tu B’Shvat! One Page Simple Guide to Checking Fruits for Infestation, Courtesy of Star-K Kosher

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A happy, healthy and enjoyable  Tu Bshvat, from the staff at!





Don’t forget to take advantage of this auspicious day daven for a beautiful Esrog and, and for those who are in need of shidduchim.

May all your tefillos be niskabel, and remember,  Tu B’shvat reminds us that Spring is around the corner – hang in there!


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New Jersey residents, the Rowner family of nine loves to find great appropriate places to explore.

Among their other escapades, they’ve spent 28 days with an RV camper attached to their car through nine states with no plans (!), and acquired varying degrees of insanity and two turtles to show for it.

Recently featured in Mishpacha Magazine, they enjoy their noisy household, making great adventures and sharing their takeaways and stories with thousands of readers and followers on their website,, and the world’s largest online Jewish travelers resources.


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