PART 4: ADVENTURE TALE – 8 DAY NIAGARA FALLS RV Trip: Summer ’15 Throwback

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If you haven’t been yet to Niagara Falls, we can’t put into words what 681,750 gallons per second looks like – and that’s just over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

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Both during the day, or lit up at night, it is an extraordinary sight!

Image result for niagara falls at night

This picture above is of the American Falls, much smaller at ‘only’ 75,750 gallons per second but when not comparing it to its giant of a brother, impressive nonetheless, especially lit up at night


This adventure tale is continued from Parts 1 & 2, – Click HERE to read them FIRST!

At night on the way back from African Lion Safari, mentioned in the part 3 of this series, we stopped off quickly in Clifton Hill – aka “The Street of Fun” at Niagara Falls.


Think Times Square on steroids – this place has more flashing lights, tourist spots, Ripley’s Believe it or not and other ‘tourist trap’ type museums, activities, attractions and all kinds of other ways to separate you from your money, and hopefully offer you some entertaining memories in exchange.

Image result for clifton hill night

We didn’t do any of that with 7 kids sleeping in the car, although we did wake up one daughter who I knew would appreciate all the action as we passed it through.

So what did we do?

Saw the falls lit up at night as in the pictures above, and then…


…headed back to our RV for a campfire supper, roasted marshmallows and bed of course.

After all, we still had more Niagara Falls attractions to do tomorrow!


Like the Maid of the Mist boat ride – an ABSOLUTE MUST  – You have to experience it to believe it.

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After giving you each person a disposable souvenir rain poncho, the boat uses its incredibly powerful engines to push its way up against the Niagara River current, taking you directly into the center of the U-shaped Canadian Horseshoe Falls! 

Image result for niagara falls zipline

It’s an incredible, memory-making experience and you will be absolutely awed by the power of the water, wind, and mist – something only being there for yourself can do justice to! (I have early childhood memories of it from as young as 4 or 5 yrs. old)


You will get wet on this ride, although the poncho helps some; you can go inside under the boat deck (if there’s space) but that definitely limits the experience.


Get a great picture of a rainbow in the mist on the boat ride back, which incidentally, moves much quicker with the current pushing you along and the wind at your back.


B”H all of our kids tremendously enjoyed the ride, making it a pleasure for us to share the memory with them!



There is a fantastic experience called the Cave of the Winds on the American side, which takes you up along the American Falls on a series of stairs and decking to their “Hurricane Deck”.

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It costs money.



When you get off the Maid of The Mist, walk along the building to the path on the RIGHT


VOILA! A FREE self-guided Cave of the Winds Tour!

It takes you to the SAME FALLS (LEFT side, instead of the RIGHT, for nearly the exact experience, minus the cost!)

Watch your step as it is VERY wet & windy!

Image result for niagara falls zipline

Not enough excitement for you yet?

They recently  opened an incredible zipline towards the falls on the Canadian side.

While we didn’t get to see or do it in our case as it wasn’t opened yet and our kids aren’t of age for it either way – Here’s the LINK for you:

After that incredible experience, go over the Niagara River Bridge to Goat Island, the State park island between the American and Canadian Falls for some unmatched views

Image result for Goat Island

Be sure to check out the Upper Niagara Falls Rapids after you park and walk over the bridge

100_0831We should mention that you can park in the state park on Goat Island for good value parking for the Maid of the Mist boat ride and then see great views of the rapids on your walk over there and backImage result for upper niagara rapids

Don’t miss Terrapin Point, the closest place you can get to the Canadian Horsehoe Falls on either side

Image result for terrapin point

Image result for terrapin point

It also offers some incredible close-up pictures from a point of view you can’t get anywhere else

Image result for terrapin point

Walking back to the car, our kids enjoyed the free “rock-hopping course” alongside the path


Sunset from the Goat island parking lot to end an exciting day.


And then it was back to our RV for some well-deserved supper, campfire & shluff!


Think this adventure tale’s over? Not yet!

There’s still more to come on our way back home to NJ! Stay tuned for more details in our final post in this series coming up!

To whet your appetite:

Image result for lake at bald eagle state park


Image result for lake at bald eagle state park

Coming soon! Stay tuned!

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