PART 3: Trip Report: Beluga Whales, Mansions, Cliffs & Wyoming?? – Mystic CT & Newport Rhode Island – Dec 2016

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Freshly back to our nut (free) house from an enjoyable – at least for the kids – mid Winter vacation trip to a friend in sunny Florida, we continue with this recent trip report:

Part 3, continued from our Trip Report Parts 1 & 2 – Click HERE to read those articles first.

Heading into Newport, Rhode Island,

we passed by the world-famous Touro Synagogue, the America’s oldest Shul.

Due to the quiet Winter season, it was only open on Sundays, so we couldn’t actually enter it. See their opening schedule here:

From there we headed to the Newport Beach Hotel and Suites, a completely renovated and restored historic Oceanfront property,

where we got a 2-room, ocean view suite with a living room for under $100 per day!

We told you previously that the Wintertime is the best time to go to beach town hotels!

Late sunset view from our hotel room windows:

And how about this – in addition to an indoor pool and Jacuzzi on the third floor –

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which was absolutely EMPTY because beach front hotels are generally empty this time of year,

this hotel had an incredible hot-tub Jacuzzi on the ROOF of the building, outside in the balmy 32 degree weather.

Also empty of people, and offering a terrific water-view, we convinced ourselves to give it a shot in the freezing cold.

So how was it?

While we aren’t running out to install one in our yard, I can say it definitely was an enjoyable experience with the temperatures contrast, so we did it again the second night as well.

The adjacent patio was NOT heated like the hot-tub,

(This tiny interruption can save you $ too...)Try Amazon Prime FREE! continues... we left that to the warm-weather guests to enjoy.

We called it a night after that, and enjoyed the great beds in our $509/night room (that’s the real in-season price!)

After Shacharis and a delicious breakfast of a variety cheese plate on bread we had brought along, we headed out to check out one of the world-famous Newport mansions and settled on “the Breakers”,

  which was the summer cottage of the Vanderbilt family, of railroad-building fame.

While expensive to get into we saved $$ by showing our AAA card.

The audio tour was very enjoyable and well presented as you go from room to room at your own pace.

Seeing the indescribable interior of this magnificent summer cottage lends one to think: what could the Vanderbilt’s regular home possibly look like?

i.e. the picture below is of a door handle we took to show our readers…

A quick internet search showed us ONE of their regular homes…. 

Ahhh, that explains it –

Yup. The one we were visiting in Newport can be rightfully called the cottage.

An interesting note from the tour:

All the ‘Gilding’ – Gold Plating forms in solid gold sheeting – was done before the advent of income tax.

It all stopped when the government instituted income taxes, effectively ending that style of decor.

Want to save $$ on YOUR taxes?

Use Yitz Weiss, CPA, and ‘Gilding’ may come back in style in your home 🙂

(continued from above)

While we enjoyed this historic visit and were duly impressed with the fun it offered, I don’t think I would bring along a large young family to this particular home.

After vising the Breakers we headed to the famous cliff walk  (outside link Tznius alert)

Which can be rocky at times but was an excellent and enjoyable  2-hour hike along the cliffs, mansions,

 and the ocean “breakers”.

This was an interesting picture we took

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of the ocean as seen through a drainage pipe along the trail

Think we’re done?

Not just yet!

Stay TUNED for Part 4, coming up in a future article!

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