PART 3: ADVENTURE TALE – 8 DAY NIAGARA FALLS RV Trip: Summer ’15 Throwback

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 Yes, that is a real lion, and yes WE did take that picture, and NO there was no fence or cage around him, and YES, he was really, really close to us, and NO, we did not go to Africa and… oh, are we getting ahead of ourselves a bit?

Fine, read on and we’ll talk about him in the article below and where you can do the same in order!

… continued from Parts 1 & 2, – Click HERE to read them FIRST!

Continuing our 8 DAY RV journey with 7 little ones, we reached our next destination in Grand Island, NY – about 20 minutes away from Niagara Falls and the border of Canada.


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We had found our now favorite place to stay near Niagara Falls – We HIGHLY recommend:


Branches of Niagara Campground, and incredibly great place to stay near the falls.

Branches of Niagara Campground Lake Panorama


[mapsmarker marker=”67″]


They have plenty of family-ready accommodations for those without their own RV, who’d love to enjoy their terrific, beautiful grounds in one of their cozy cabins…

We setup camp in tree-filled, grassy, shady, reasonably priced RV site,  and made our own home.


Where we met a new friend, the Peregrine Falcon we snapped a picture of below, who came for a visit in the trees behind our site the next morning

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The campground had gorgeous facilities, including this very cool “Lazy River” type pool, which was empty most of the day, so we were lucky enough to use it a lot (although it was a bit cold)


Branches included in our reservation 2 free passes to their 4-story, tandem zipline over the lake – which we each happily took advantage of TWICE, amongst all of their other attractions & Recreation options


As our kids also enjoyed the (not-so, but officially a) kiddie zipline…


Even the little ones went! 


Picture of our eldest coming in for his landing below…


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Not to mention the reasonably-priced boat rentals they had…


And our older kids learned to kayak here to!


Ok, ok, so what about the lion in the picture already?? Patience, patience – we’re getting there!


Being that this campground’s so much fun, you could stay here and just do the fun things there, but hey, we’re 20 minutes from Niagara Falls and the Canadian border… so


Let’s cross the border…


…into Africa… ooops, I mean Canada! (Actual picture we took from our car in…)


African Lion Safari, in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, an hour or so from Toronto, where I grew up and my siblings and I, have very fond memories of as kids…


[mapsmarker marker=”68″]



Where the animals roam free, while the people are caged in the cars…


And the Rhinoceroses are BIGGER than the vans (!)…


The monkeys clamber onto your side mirrors in an ironic twist…


…to get a closer look at the strange creatures (us) in the cages – I mean cars…


And the lions, yes finally, the LIONS, roam FREE!


But mostly just laze around in the sun…


…are carefully watched by the safari staff…


…and make for incredible photo ops.

This place has seriously expanded since my childhood days, and they offer some INCREDIBLE free shows along with your admission, as well as a HUGE walking part, and boat tour to an island of Lemurs around a lake, which we got to see only some of due to time constraints…


Like the elephant show, where an elephant actually PAINTS a T-shirt, which they then sell to the public for an astronomical fee…


A raptor show, other shows, and incredibly, an ELEPHANT RIDE, upon which we fit 7 people!! (our eldest held the baby on the side, that’s why we didn’t end up taking all 9)

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There was also a free water-park in the safari, but due to tznius reasons, we didn’t get to take advantage of…

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Bottom line for this place: EXPENSIVE, but extraordinarily unique and worth it, as the amount of things you get to do and see for your money is unmatched.

Think we’re done our yet? With this part of our article maybe, BUT WAIT!

We still didn’t do any Niagara Falls attractions yet!


No worries, we did  do them! Those details will be coming up Iy”H as we continue this trip in a future post, so sign up for email updates & stay tuned!

To whet your appetite…

100_0852 100_0924 100_0841 100_0828

All coming soon in an upcoming post! Stay TUNED!




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