Once per year, this Giant Parking Lot Becomes a Massive Amusement Park! Plan Ahead, Save almost $100!!

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We’ve often said that smart people plan ahead – this is one of those times where a bit of foresight can yield real savings!

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Quick stat:

MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands has 28,800 parking spots.

That’s room for a whole lot of cars, and when empty, a whole lot of room for ‘Gravitrons’, elephant rides, petting zoos and more!

And once each year for two weeks, that parking lot becomes just that –


a portable, gigantic amusement park, featuring 150 plus rides and attractions, and we’re not juts talking about your run-of-the-mill county fair variety, either.


A full-sized roller coaster (or 2 or 3)? Check.


Real rides you’d expect to find at many a permanent real amusement park? Yup.


A full size sky ride across the park? Giant swings? Got ’em both.


Out sized ferris wheels, flying turns and more? Sure.


A plethora of prize games, fun booths, haunted houses. and midway rides? Absolutely.

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Continuing with your article...


Add in the animal shows (included with admission)

Elephant and/or camel rides  (additional $)


Let’s not leave out the yearly acrobatic shows, (included with admission) – and you’ve got a HUGE variety to rival any great amusement park for less than half the price-tag with this deal, which is selling out fast!

Please Note: Previous year’s have included shows like the hypnotist show that is definitely NOT appropriate or family friendly.

Also, due to the June July time frame, bear in mind that (just like any general venue this time of year), people do dress in summer attire. GFT provides this info as a service; please use your own judgement in deciding what to purchase or attend.

OK, so now that the disclaimer is out of the way, how do you save?

See the screenshot below: Regular pricing per person with unlimited rides is $33 – $35 per entry. Fast track option saves you the lines but adds $15 bucks addl. per person, something we’d usually avoid the extra on.

But using our link and (when available, like today 3/12/18) the addl. promo code savings nets you FOUR admissions, ALL with Unlimited Rides and Fast Track for $26.80 each, in packs of four. WOW!!

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(click on the image above to enlarge)


GreatFrum TIP:

Traveling in for the fair? Your’e just about 5 minutes away from Passaic / Clifton or 10 minutes from Teaneck, where you can pick up plenty of kosher food.


Yes, we know that snow is in the forecast for tonight, but Pesach is less than 3 weeks away – and June will be here before you know it!

So what are you waiting for? To pay double the price when you can get everything, including the fast track for less than the price of the regular admission with rides?

Don’t Delay! Be smart, plan ahead and grab these while you can!

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