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Winter has finally arrived in the Tri-state Area! Kids all home from school?

What a great day to dig the sled out of the basement, and get out with the kids to enjoy the snow!

Sledding is fun, healthy, a great kids exercise, and it’s also inexpensive to do.

With extensive research, experience,

and the help of some of our favorite readers, has compiled this official New Jersey Jewish Communities Sledding Hill Directory!


Passaic / Clifton /Fairlawn:

This is a big park with a lot of hills on the right side after the duck pond to sled. The hills can be accessed from the Van Houten side for Parking and for starting at the top of the hill. The roadwasy along the hill bottom is closed to traffic for safety.

This is a smaller park, which is mostly used for the baseball field it is centered around. This park features a FANTASTIC steep hill for a really FAST, long ride! Parking is available alongside the top of the hill on Filmore St.

Just over the Passaic River, Samuel Nelkin Park in Wallington NJ is located near the intersection of Maple Ave. and Rose St. in Wallington nearby the famous Wallington Bowling Lanes and offers a great little sledding hill too.



West Orange / Livingston Area / Elizabeth Area:

Brookside Dr.
West Orange/Millburn, NJ
This is a big park with a lot of hills to sled. The hill along Brookside Drive is very popular. Parking is available on Brookside Drive.


Summer Arts Hill
1165 Globe Avenue
Mountainside/Westfield, NJ

Parking is available close by. From the road, walk up the hill, sledding is safe and slopes gently away from the road.


Located adjacent to Meadowland Park and The Baird Community Center, it’s one of the most popular sledding areas in NJ.

Can be a bit scary for small kids, especially when icy. The hill can very crowded. Less crowded around lunch time or early evening.

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Teaneck, Englewood, North Bergen Area:

216 Forest Avenue
River Edge, NJ


Highland Park / Edison:

Second Avenue
Highland Park

The sledding hill is at the end of South 2nd Avenue.


Lakewood / Toms River / Jackson Area:

Ocean County Park
700 Ocean Ave.
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Ocean County doesn’t have too many sledding places, but the Ocean County Park in Lakewood is available for sledding when there’s snow on the ground.


Aldrich Elementary School
615 Aldrich Rd.
Howell, NJ 07731

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Aldrich Elementary School may be Library Hill’s rival for best sledding spot in Howell, NJ.


Oak Glen Park
275 Old Tavern Rd.
Howell, NJ 07731

The sprawling fields of Oak Glen Park in Howell are perfect for snowball fights when the snow falls. There is also a large hill between the library and the police station that many people love to use in the winter for sledding.


Windward Beach Park
265 Princeton Ave.
Brick, NJ 08724

This Brick, NJ sledding hill is right on the beach. In the summer, guests can go crab collecting and fishing. In the winter, you might want to trade in your fishing pole for a snow tube.


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Popular Sleds on



They are very inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to use. They they offer little or no steering control, though because they are lightweight, are easy to carry uphill.


They come in a variety of types and different costs, from the basic toboggan to the more expensive models with steering wheels. They are sleds without runners, and come in either wood or plastic models.

Classic Sleds:

These the traditional sleds like the Flexible Flyer with runners and front end steering.

Inflatable Snow Sleds and Tubes:

With a protective blanket of air, they offer a more comfortable and smoother ride. The drawback is that control of steering and speed is more difficult and can be more prone to injuries.

Tips For Safe Sledding:

In recent years, some parks have shut down their sledding slopes as a result of serious injuries and lawsuits. Some of these parks have had injuries caused by teens looking to have a “scary” downhill experience. To ensure your child has a safe and fun sledding experience, follow these recommendations:

  • Purchase a sled with some steering control.
  • Have your child wear protective clothing including a bicycle helmet and protective pads, and gloves. Though helmets are not required in New Jersey for sledding, it’s a good safe practice for children to wear helmets.
  • Closely supervise children. Be alert to other sledders. Proceed down the hill when there are no faster, more aggressive sledders right behind your child. Unsupervised children and teens are more likely to try dangerous stunts that can cause injury to themselves and others.

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  • Please Note: is not responsible for trespassing, death and/or injury from ANY locations listed on our site. Please check with the facility for restrictions or limitations before entering, and proceed at your own risk.


Most of all, have fun!


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