Mid-Winter, Chanukah Break Getaway Ideas – You Asked, Here Are Some Great Deals!

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We’ve been getting requests from so many of you…

Where could we go or what should we do for Chanukah or Mid-Winter Break?

Sure you could flip open a Jewish magazine and pay top-dollar for a crowded hotel with an all-inclusive package included, but where’s your sense of adventure?

Our preference? Rent a vacation home on a frozen mountainside maybe an hour or two away, with a hot-tub and superb amenities for a real memory-maker your family won’t forget – and save a bundle too!

Where, you ask? We’ve started the research for you: Here are some great places you can take the family without breaking the bank:

Scranton, PA, Pocono Mountains Ski Area

Click on each property below to see details…

Click HERE for a great list of things to do, places to stay, Minyan info & more from our vacation resource site KosherVacationCentral.com

More vacation homes momentarily…

Food? That’s easy!

Read THIS great article on Food Planning by Travel Expert Naomi Rowner HERE

Click HERE for a great list of things to do, places to stay, Minyan info & more from our vacation resource site KosherVacationCentral.com

Looking for already kosher options? Try FloridaKosherVillas.com or LakewoodHosts.com

Bringing along the whole mishpacha?

Try one of these HUGE properties which sleep 20-40!

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Continuing with your article...

How to use make a quick kosher kitchen simply and easily in a non-kosher vacation home?

Although this quick list below is the simplest way based on our experience, please confirm with your own Rav for specific details in your case.

Stovetops: Turn the burners on full for 15 minutes or until they turn red-hot.

Ovens: Simply put on the self-clean cycle, or put the oven on the highest setting for 40 minutes.

Counters: Cover with bath towels or butcher paper if putting hot items down

Sinks: Use them as they are; use a simple $5 sink insert if leaving dishes in the sink

Refrigerators, Freezers: use as is, or line with paper towels if coming in direct contact with food

Cutlery, Pots, Pans, Appliances, BBQ Grills, Utensils: Do NOT use – bring your own. Read this informative article HERE.

Still haven’t found your place yet?

Here are some more great suggested reading options for you:

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