Legal Holiday = Bored Kids? Try one of these GREAT PARKS!

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Come on, the weather’s not so bad.

Take the opportunity this afternoon to try one of these great places we’ve recently posted!

ALL OPEN TODAY, all fun, and ALL FREE!

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Enjoy the day with your family!

60 Degrees & Sunny, Today? AWESOME! Try this Unique CASTLE PLAYGROUND + 12 OTHER IDEAS



A Mountain, A Real Castle, Horseback Riding, Trails, Cliffs & More -Where, Scotland? NOPE! NJ!

Foliage Forecast: BEAUTIFUL with a great chance of PICTURES! Hudson River Valley’s TOP FREE ATTRACTION!

Shhhhhhh! This gem is so well hidden in plain sight, practically no-one knows it’s there!

Floating Docks, Bird-Watching, Nature Trails, Hiking Paths, & Water – 5 Minutes from Passaic/Clifton?


A BEAUTIFUL HIKING SPOT – Quiet, Woodsy, & Views too – Where? Nearby!

WATERFALLS + GIANT DAM + RESERVOIR = ONE AWESOME PARK (we bet you didn’t know about)


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