Where are the kosher hotels in the USA? Right HERE! A comprehensive list of Kosher-Friendly Lodging Options in the USA by Region –

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Ready for a break? Check these kosher -friendly hotels, kosher hotels, kosher BnB’s and kosher vacation rental options out!

Sorted by region for your pleasure! So where will you be heading?

Ideas and inspiration can also be found below, as well as some trip-reports to help you plan.  Stay warm, and enjoy!









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A luxurious vacation option you probably didn’t know you had… Vacation in Lakewood? Yes!


Northeast – New England Area:






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Seriously? You want to head NORTH in these temperatures??

Head to Florida and bask in the sunshine in your own private kosher villa with its own pool, hot-tub and more! See the kosher villas HERE:

Read a great trip-report from last mid-winter break in North Miami Beach HERE:


Trip Report: of Airplanes, Airboats, Earplugs & Alligators! Florida Mid Winter Break – Part 1









Out West:









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