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There’s a reason “Old MacDonald” is one of the most beloved song of the toddler years:

(Most) kids love animals.

At Paws Discovery Farm, you will cross paths with over 80 different kinds of animals. From feathers to scales, they have it all!

For hands-on animal education, bring your family to Paws Discovery Farm.

​Established in 1979 during the renovation of the Darnell Family Farmstead, Paws Discovery Farm provides a unique learning experience for adults and children.



Paws Discovery Farm features both outdoor,


and indoor adventure opportunities.


Visitors can hike the nature trail, visit the barnyard animals, explore the play structures and test imaginations in our hands-on, minds-on Discovery Barn.

There are spacious picnic areas, play structures, indoor exhibits, and even an enchanting butterfly garden!

The farm is home to pigs, tortoises, hedgehogs, and other small woodland and farm animals that can be seen up close. Paws Discovery Farm also provides a loving home to many animal exhibits, outdoor play areas and a petting zoo.

Families are encouraged to interact with live animal shows and encounters with our very own Discovery Farm Theatre Players.

Yes, you could pay $10 per person at the door, or you could use our link to get FOUR ADMISSIONS for just $22!

With Today’s Promo code, you can do even better, bringing the price down to 17.60 for FOUR, or 4.40 per person!

Centrally located in Mount Laurel NJ,  just under an hour from Lakewood, 1 hour and 30 minutes from Passaic,  1 hour and ten minutes from Staten Island, and about 35 minutes from Philly – this  makes for a great inexpensive outdoor day trip!

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