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We’ve said it before. Smart parents plan ahead, and have a great place or two in their back pocket to pull out on a Sunday afternoon, an off day or when the need arises.


Why didn’t they have places like this when we were kids??

Can you imagine how our couches and mattresses might have looked, had we spared them and used our jumping talents at a place like this?

This great place is extremely central to many Jewish communities, (Passaic and Lakewood included,) and was tried and tested by a family of 10 active Rowners just yesterday and highly recommended!

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On-site safety professionals, as well as multiple individualized jump surfaces and a plethora of  energy-releasing activities make for a safe environment for ages 2 – 202!

There are basketball hoops with adjustable heights along the trampolines for those who want to try and dunk

And gigantic pits with 5′ of foam squares for jumping/diving/flipping/plotzing right into!

They also require everyone to wear these funky safety socks – they usually cost$3 a pair and are reusable, but are included FREE in today’s deal!

After a 90 minute jump session, or for the kids who need a break, there is a large space with arcades,

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Featuring all levels of skill games for the kids (and adults) and even a nok-hockey table.

OK, you say – tell me more and tell me about the 60% discount already!

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What you get:

  • Two 90-Min Jump Pass with Socks and Two Bottles of Water — Valid Anytime

  • Four 90-Min Jump Pass with Socks and Four Bottles of Water — Valid Anytime


Name: Rebounderz of Edison


TIP! Sign your waiver HERE BEFORE going and save the time for jumping!

Website for information

GPS Address: 76 Carter Dr. Edison, NJ 08817

(Click address above for directions in Google Maps)

Phone: 732-902-6987

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Located in: Edison, NJ – Not too far from anywhereGREAT option for Chol Hamoed, too!

Distance from Lakewood: Approx 45 min

Distance from Elizabeth / Highland Park / Edison: Approx 5-20 min

Distance from Passaic / Clifton / Fairlawn / North Bergen / Teaneck / West Orange: Approx 35-40 min

Distance from Monsey / Brooklyn / Queens: 50-60 min (more with traffic).

Tried & Tested: YES!

Worth traveling an hour for? We’d give this one a YES!


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Most of all, have fun!


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