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Chanukah Vacation season is coming, followed closely by Mid-Winter Break in many of the schools and you’ve decided to get away with the family for a few days.

Be it a Winter destination to a Ski Resort,


a sunny destination like Florida,


or Wild West adventure in Phoenix, Arizona,


the bottom line is you want to get the most for your money, without compromising on the quality of your experience.

So you spend hours and hours scouring sites like,,,,, Expedia or more among the many others…

and pretty soon you have 500 different windows open and you’re getting a bad headache…


But come on, you say, I need the best deal!

Is there a better way?

The answer is absolutely, YES.

You can spend minutes and get all of the information at your fingertips, and save as much as 50% OFF (or more) on  ALL of the same hotels, without any of the hassle.


What’s the secret?



Huh? What’s that, and how do you even pronounce it?

Who knows, but let’s give you a simple case study:

Say you want to go to Phoenix, AZ.

Go to, search ‘phoenix’ and enter your dates


Now take a look at what came up instantly:

You’ll see that it instantly searched across every hotel site on the web, and showed you the highest and lowest prices right there, including the names of the sites.

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Continuing with your article...

But that’s just the beginning…


Let’s get a bit more detailed:


I boxed in for the Hyatt Regency. price is $230 / is $109!!

Same hotel, same night except $121 LESS!

How long would it have taken you to search all over the web your self for that?

And we’re not done yet…

Check out these powerful features all on the same page:


The numbers above are explained here:

  1. You can see the hotels all on a map
  2. You can sort the hotels by stars – Tip: 4- 5 Star hotels will generally charge you for every add-on, like parking, fridge, crib rollaway beds etc, and some also have a hidden ‘resort fee’ per day. To avoid those stick with 2-3 star hotels, and you will generally get those all included.
  3. You can sort the hotels by the guest ratings
  4. You can filter price – say 0-$95 dollars (instantly updates the list on the right)
  5. You can put in an address, location, i.e kosher restaurant, relative’s address, shul etc. that you want to be near, and filter by the miles from that location
  6. You can sort by price instantly from low to high
  7. You can view the ratings and reviews for each property.


In short, we have found Trivago to be the best resource on the web for hotels, and we’re glad to share that with the world!

Ready for your next vacation?

Enjoy, save money, and most of all, have fun!

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