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Science museums are fun places!

Indoors, they are known for their unique exhibits, hands on experiences and more, making a great opportunity for a Chol Hamoed Trip, summer day activity or even somewhere to go to spend a few hours with the kids out of the rain!

For frum families, a membership package is usually cheaper than paying admission for each person, and the benefit of being able to come back for a year is definitely a draw as well, but one of the most amazing parts of (most) Science Museum memberships is that it includes free admission to the 400+ nationwide museums in the Association of Technology and Science Centers, also know as ASTC!

We’ve previously posted similar deals to Liberty Science Center and the Intrepid respectively (since expired).

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Use it for FREE Places YEAR ROUND:

  • Chol Hamoed
  • Any Sunday
  • Long Summer Friday
  • Summertime Off Day
  • Shidduch Date
  • Off-Day
  • Legal Holiday
  • Rainy Day
  • Date with your Spouse
  • Summer Vacation, out of state

ONE Deal that gives you a year at all of those options?

ONE answer: YES!!


But there’s dinosaurs there! A Torah Perspecctive for parents of kids:

GFT TIP: When reading exhibits about “millions of years old” bones, we’ve always told our kids two things:

As torah jews, we know exactly how old the world is… so how do “millions of years old” dinosaur bones fit into the picture?

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  1. We heard from Rabbi Mintz, founder of Oorah that Hashem created a mature world, with everything in it. Adam was not born as a baby needing to grow up – he was created as a fully grown man – and animals as well were not created as babies but as mature adults. Hashem could just as well have simply created the world with the “ancient” bones in it

  2. One reason most of the animals were destroyed by the mabbul was because they were interbreeding with other species, and that could have easily created strange creatures, i.e. dinosaurs. With a flood in the entire world so major that it covered even the tallest mountains, anything to do with carbon dating, and where  and in which earth layers bones are found could not possibly be correctly dated by scientists today, after such an upheaval. (Ever heard about fish fossils being found atop mountains?)

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But before we do, if you got this far down the article, you obviously know a great deal when you see one.

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The Academy of Natural Sciences is part of the ASTC, or Association of Science & Technology Centers, and that is important because with over 400 membership Museums, Science Centers and Historic Battleships, when you buy Membership to one of them, you can can use your card to get into almost** ANY other one!

Here’s the DEAL!

Normally $149 for a Family of up to 7 PEOPLE, PLUS 2 guests per visit, effectively maings this work for up to a family of 9, or bring along some friends. While this deal lasts, GRAB it for only $103!

For many frum families, you will already save $$ on your FIRST VISIT!


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The fine print about ASTC within 90 miles of home, and some notable exceptions:

    **ASTC excludes museums and institutions within 90 miles of membership purchase and purchaser residency. Therefore, if you have a membership with an institution or live within 90 miles of another you are planning to visit, you would not be granted free admission under the ASTC Travel Passport Program. Science centers/museums located within 90 miles of each other are excluded from the Travel Passport Program unless that exclusion is lifted by mutual agreement.

Exemption List:

The museums listed below are within 90 miles of the Intrepid Museum but have agreed to lift this restriction, and you may visit them free of charge. Please note that these agreements are subject to change at any time. Call them before you travel!

  • Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT
  • Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven, CT
  • The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn, NY
  • Long Island Science Center, Riverhead, NY
  • The New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY
  • The New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn Heights, NY
  • The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
  • Liberty Science Center Free admission for Intrepid Museum members is on the following days ONLY:
    3/25/17, 5/21/17, 7/15/17, 9/17/17, 11/18/17


Additional Reciprocal Agreements

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The following organizations are not members of ASTC but allow Intrepid Museum Members reciprocal museum privileges at the Family level and above.

Some Tips Before You Travel!

Intrepid Members Visiting other ASTC Members

  • Reciprocal admission lists are subject to change without notice. We suggest that you contact the institution you wish to visit to confirm privileges before visiting.
  • You must present your valid Intrepid Museum membership card with the ASTC logo when you visit a participating institution. Reciprocal institutions do not have access to one another’s membership list.
  • You may also be asked to present proof of residence to show that you live more than 90 miles from the institution. You may be denied reciprocal admission if you live within a 90-mile radius of the institution.


Most of all, have fun!


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