Heading to or from Baltimore (or nearby) over Chol Hamoed? This Top-Rated Go Kart Track is the Perfect ‘Pit Stop’

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A glance at the calendar will show you an opportunistic Chol Hamoed Pesach this year for trips and excursions.

With no Shabbos Chol hamoed this year, from Monday all the way through Thursday, Jewish families all over will travel near and far, spending quality family time with one another at fun destinations.

If you will be traveling to or from Baltimore for Chol Hamoed, this top-rated indoor go-kart track just over the Delaware Memorial Bridge makes the perfect pit stop!


If the location wasn’t enough of a draw, this deal will be!

For ages 8+ and 48″ tall, SAVE MORE THAN HALF if you plan in advance and purchase today.

The 8 minute races give you up to 22 laps, or 6 miles of racing but cost $23 per person per race at the door – not what we would call cheap.

However, using the above promo code we can get you in the door, with FIVE races for just $50.40, (or only $10.08 per person!)

Perhaps the best part is that can be split amongst multiple drivers so bring along the gantze mishpacha!

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