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With Mid-Winter upon us, many frum families are heading out to sunny South Florida.

At GreatFrumTrips.com we have compiled a list of some incredible deals and discounts on attractions and kosher food.

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Even before you fly,

EWR Parking $4.99 /day

Click Here for $4.99 for One Day of Uncovered Valet Airport Parking at WallyPark ($9.95 Value)



Florida Kosher RESTAURANTS &


Click Here for $9 for $18 Worth of Mediterranean Kosher Breakfast at Holy Bagels & Pizzeria Downtown

Click Here for Kosher Italian Cuisine and Sushi at 17 Restaurant and Sushi Bar for Lunch or Dinner (Up to 60% Off)


Click Here for Smokehouse and Grill Fare from Carlos & Gabbys Smokehouse & Grill (Up to 49% Off)

Click Here for Groceries & Food at South Florida Kosher Market – Up to 50% Off – (outside Link Tznius Alert)

Great Deals on these Attractions in

South Florida


Click Here for 62% Off Jet Skiing and Jet Boat Rides

Click Here for 62% Off  Jet Boat Rides

Click Here for 59% Millionaire’s Row 90 Minute Cruise Tour

Click Here for 50% Snorkeling Adventure (Lower Keys)

Click Here for 50% Miami Hop-On Hop Off Bus Tour

Click Here for 36% Glass-Bottom Boat Tour of Coral Reef State Park

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Airboat Tour and Exhibit Pass or Gator Night Tour for One or Two from Sawgrass Recreation Park (Up to 37% Off)

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Whatever you choose to do,

Most of all, have fun!


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