Makes the News Again! Going Places – The Couple Behind Great Frum Trips – The Jewish Echo Magazine, March / April 2018

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Now on to your article...

“We’d like to interview the owners of this site,” read the contact from submission we received at the offices.

Fast forward a few days, and we had a real pleasure of 2 hour conversation with Rayle Rubenstien, Author and Editor in Chief of the Jewish Echo Magazine, published six times yearly by the JCC of Marine Park in Brooklyn, NY.

I guess people do find our story intriguing from a human interest perspective, but what we loved most was reading our own story through the lens of the incredibly talented Mrs Rubenstein.

Read on for the complete article, reformatted from the printed magazine for the web, with kind permission of the publisher.




We’d like to express our appreciation to Rayle Rubenstien and the talented staff  at the Jewish Echo for a job well done, as well as for granting the permission to reprint this.



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