Does it Again! Presenting the Online Interactive Birkas Ha’Ilanos Map – Find A Fruit Tree Near You!

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Looking for a fruit tree in NJ, PA or MD? Use our brand new interactive map!

What do the icons mean?

A flower icon means a preferred location, containing more than one fruit tree which is the best way to fulfill the mitzvah.

A tree icon means that there is one tree there, or we don’t have information on how many trees. Click on the top right square of the map for a full-screen version, or use the top left arrow for easy navigation:

While it’s preferable to make the bracha below in Nissan if possible, (though sometime the weather and trees don’t allow it,) even if not in Nissan, you can still make this once a year bracha according to the Chayei Adam until the fruit begin to ripen.

Have an accessible fruit tree not included in the list below, or a correction to one in our map?

Add it to the comments below!

Feel free to print out this exclusive poster here, to place in front of your tree (click the picture below for a printable full resolution image)

Can be printed as an 8.5″ x 11″ or as a beautiful large 24″ x 18″ full resolution poster.

Feel free to share this link with anyone!

Located in Passaic, NJ?

Come on by to Eva’s corner at 164 Main Ave and make your bracha there, on our two flowering peach trees!

Everywhere else?

Here is a comprehensive list by state, courtesy of Misaskim.

Instructions, translation and transliteration of the bracha just below the article sponsorship.

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When the spring (Aviv) season arrives,
the blessing at right is traditionally said
when one is in view of flowering fruit

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In the northern hemisphere, it can be
said anytime through the end of the
month of Nissan (though it can still be
said in Iyar or even afterwards, so long
as the fruits are not matured
– see Chayei Adam).

For those who live in the southern
hemisphere, the blessing can be said
during the month of Tishrei (and even
into the month of Cheshvan).


You are the source of Blessing You,
Hashem our God
Master of the Universe,
for there is nothing lacking in the
world at all,
and You created good creations
and good trees
to bring pleasure to the children of

Transliterated Bracha:

Baruch atah
Adonai Eloheinu
melech ha-olam
shelo cḥiseir ba-olamo k’lum
uvara vo briyos tovos v’ilanos tovim
l’hanos bahem b’nei Adam

Tizkeh L’mitzvos, and a Good Shabbos!



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