Drive a Real Lamborghini, Ferrari & More in a Closed Course at Metlife Stadium, Nassau Coliseum or Bridgewater, NJ!

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Their top package, including 7 laps around a closed course, with professional photos and a T-shirt can be booked $600 on their website, but you can pay an astounding $149.75 today for the same with the 25% Off Promo code ‘ NOW25 ‘ that expires today!


Drive or Ride Along, BUT NEVER PAY FULL PRICE! Choice of:


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4 Locations to Choose from:

  • Met Life Stadium
  • TD Bank Park
  • Nassau Coliseum
  • Pennysaver Amphitheater


Bringing their supercars on closed tracks nearby YOU, Velocity specializes in putting you behind the wheel or in the passenger seat with their professional drivers for

an adrenaline rush you can only get, behind the wheel of a $300,000 sports car.
Supercar Driving Experiences – For as little as the cost of a pair of jeans, you can experience everything these cars have to offer on their custom-designed autocross agility courses at various locations across the country.

Here is the fleet of cars you can choose from to drive:

Ferrari California
The Ferrari California is one of the hottest cars on the street! A true GT car, and Ferrari’s first hard-top convertible ever. With a high-pitched screaming V8 engine mated to an ultra-fast 7-speed DCT transmission powering the rear wheels, this thing really moves! Luckily, the carbon-ceramic brakes help it really stop too! The California is certainly something to experience, whether you’re on track, or the open road.


Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

This 5.0 liter V10 Italian bull is one of the most recognizable exotics in the world. With its 520hp, all-wheel-drive, and Lamborghini’s E-gear transmission, this is one special ride. The sound is enough to send chills up your spine, and its looks are enough to see cameras out wherever you go. After a few laps in this, all you’ll want to do is keep driving. Drop the top, strap in, hold on, and feel the rush!


Ferrari F430 Spider
The Ferrari F430 Spider, one of the last analog supercars. Its raw F1-gearbox, V8 engine producing 490hp, rear wheel drive, and 2 seats. Put the top down and listen to that engine scream. Nothing quite like a red Ferrari convertible on a sunny day. If you haven’t experienced that yet, you are missing out!


Nissan GT-R
The 2016 Nissan GT-R with its famed DCT transmission and advanced all-wheel-drive system is a feeling like none other. This twin turbocharged missile is ready to propel you into another dimension! Watch your neck, because this beast is not to be messed with. Experience Godzilla for yourself, in the drivers’ seat.

Starting to get comfortable when you’re zipping around?
Add as many laps as you’d like! With one of our driving instructors riding with you, we’ll make sure you get to experience these cars to their full potential.
This is the lowest cost option for those who want a taste of what these amazing cars are like to get behind the wheel of. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age, and have a valid drivers license.

Under 18 or just want to see what these machines can really do? Participate in an instructor ‘ride-along’ and have a professional driver take you around the course for an exhilarating experience!

*Note: All of our cars have an automatic or “paddle-shift” transmission, so no manual experience is needed* 
These types of transmissions are much faster and more engaging around tight circuits like ours, and add another level of fun to your experience.

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Please be aware that specific vehicles are never guaranteed. This can be due to either mechanical issues, or our availability. Participants cannot select their vehicle choice in advance. Our fleet selection does change from time to time, and refunds or cancellations will not be issued to individuals who do not drive their car of choice. If a vehicle does have a mechanical issue during or prior to an event, every effort will be made to replace it with a vehicle of equal class. We ask that all participants be understanding in that these are exotic vehicles, and do sometimes live up to their reputation of sudden and unforeseen issues that would prevent that car from being driven until repaired.
All participants must bring** an official document from your insurance carrier stating that you are covered up to $300,000 for non-insured, privately owned, exotic and high-performance vehicles; to be driven on an “off-road, private course, designed for competition”.

If you do not posses this document upon arrival for your reserved driving time, a $40 daily damage policy must be purchased prior to driving any vehicle on the course. This is a daily policy that covers the participant for the entire event day, regardless of how many laps or additional cars are driven. It covers up to $10,000 in damage with a zero deductible. If you have any questions about acceptable types of documents, you may contact our reservations department at 631-488-0952 or email [email protected] 

Please inquire with your own insurance company to verify your coverage prior to calling the Velocity Driving reservations department. This experience does not qualify as a “car rental”, and these are not rental cars. Credit card companies (that often cover rental car damage, including AMEX) will not cover any damage to these vehicles, while being driven on course at these events. 



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