Dr. Rich Robert’s Annual FREE Chol Hamoed Carnival Event in Lakewood this Chol Hamoed – Everything You Need to Know – Sukkos 2017


VenueThe 2017 Sukkos Chol Hamoed Carnival Sponsored by Kollel Ner Avrohom, Inc. will take place at The Lakewood Cheder on Vassar Avenue.


Date – The 2017 Sukkos Chol Hamoed carnival will be on Tuesday, Oct 10th, from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM at The Lakewood Cheder. There will not be a rain date.


Cost Everything is free. Nothing will be available to be purchased or paid for.


ObjectiveTo provide a kosher and sweet Chol Hamoed event for children while helping to relieve some of the financial burden on Frum families.


Show Schedule & Information:

–Each show will be ½ hour long

Inside Stage Shows

 Show #1:

Rabbi Tzvi Serebrowskirenowned storyteller from the popular CD’s ‘The Raviner Miracle’ & ‘Survivor on Flight 103’

Show times: 12:30 2:30, 4:30

 Show #2:


Dr. Shnitzel’s Wacky Science with Rabbi Michoel Goldin – Big fun for everyone! Science show

Show times: 1:00, 3:00, 5:00


Outdoor Stage Shows

 Show #3:

Flippenout Acrobatic Trampoline Team

Show times: 11:45, 1:45

 Show #4:

Sam Jacobs Magic – An original illusion show

Show times: 12:45, 2:45, 3:45



Important General Event Information:


Parking Two Cheder two-way parking entrances and the Orchas Chaim parking lot.


Layout Shows inside the school lunchroom and outside the main entrance (weather permitting).


Distribution Cotton candy, popcorn, jawbreakers and prizes will be distributed outside the main entrance.


Young Children – If your child does not know your cell phone number then please write it on a piece of tape on the back of your child’s clothing.


Lost children Areaunder the canopy immediately outside the main entrance.


Safety, Security, and Traffic – We want to thank the Lakewood Police Department (LPD) officers, the devoted LPD Crossing Guards, and Lakewood Chaveirim for facilitating this event.


Updates and changesChanges and updates will be posted on www.kna613.com 



Event Sponsor This is a B’lev Echad event that is organized and operated by B’lev Echad. The cost is being deferred by Kollel Ner Avrohom, Inc. for this religious celebration.


Information courtesy of and reprinted with the permission of TheLakewoodScoop.com


Most of all, have fun!


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