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Welcome to Part 3 of our Destinations Series.

(Click HERE for Part 1 featuring New Hampshire, Vermont, & Shenandoah Valley Virginia)

(Click HERE for Part 2 featuring Pennsylvania three different ways)

We get it. Not everyone is able to work out enough time or budget for a vacation getaway, and for you ‘staycationers’ – or even for anyone home with the kids on a Sunday or any summer off day – we’ve got a plethora of day trip ideas, many with coupon savings and deals!

For our fans and readers in Lakewood, we’ve put together this handy guide of great day-trip destinations, and a quick description of what you can expect to find, see and do there from our own experience and research, as well as the approximate distance from Lakewood.

Today, in conjunction with The Lakewood Scoop, we’ll focus on great trips close by up to not more than 1.5 hours drive from Lakewood – (with one exception – it’s worth it!)

So without further ado, where are the great places you shouldn’t miss this year?



Destination: Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park, Lakewood

What’s There? Very probably the best invention since the outdoor trampoline, indoor trampoline houses offer a fantastic place for the kids (and the fathers?) to have a blast and burn energy jumping from trampoline to trampoline in these enormous indoor trampoline stomping grounds! Foam pits, kiddie areas, and even basketball hoops or dodge-ball games can add to the fun, and cooling off is pretty much guaranteed in the air conditioned indoor space.

Makes a perfect rainy day activity too!

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Approx Distance from Lakewood: There is a Skyzone located in Lakewood itself, or try one of these nearby options

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Destination: Horseback Trail Riding – Silver Bit & Spur Farm

What’s There? If you or your kids haven’t gone horseback riding yet, it’s definitely something you should do! Experience is not necessary and trail rides are relaxing, offer a wonderful change of scenery and as a bonus, can be very therapeutic too! Call each place before to double check age limits, but most places will accommodate younger children and families so long as they know ahead of time to have the right staff on hand and enough horses available.


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Approx Distance from Lakewood: The deal above is approximately 1 hour from Lakewood, or try one of these many nearby options one as close as Howell





Destination: 4 hour Treetop Zip Line Course – Skytop Lodge

What’s There? When we are asked, “What’s the absolute best value trip for your money?” this absolutely incredible deal wins hands down EVERY TIME. Yes, it is slightly over 2 hours from Lakewood, but for what you get for it, it is ABSOLUTELY worth the  trip. A solid four hours in a superb ropes course down a mountain through the trees and zipping along sixteen amazing zip lines on the way down, this costs less for four people than one at a lesser course we once saw at another mountain. NOTE: Patrons must be able to reach 5′ 11″ with their hands extended!


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Approx Distance from Lakewood: 2 hours, 10 minutes





Destination: Family Bubble Soccer or Archery Tag

What’s There? When everyone suits up in these massive blow-up suits, no matter who gets the ball, fun is bound to happen! While officially a game of soccer for up to ten people, this can rapidly turn into the most fun game of family bumper cars – err, bumper balls? – and guarantees a great time! Archery tag is another option, with giant padded ‘marshmallows’ atop arrows that you shoot at other members of the group in a game of tag… Calling all teens and bochurim…


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Approx Distance from Lakewood: 1 hour, 10 minutes




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Destination:Whale and Dolphin Watching at Cape May Whale Watcher

What’s There? The blue waves foam, disturbed by something massive churning in the depths. Then, in a flurry of spray, a humpback whale breaks the surface, slapping the water with its gray and white fins. Such an exhilarating sight may seem rare, but for the Cape May Whale Watcher, it’s all part of a normal day along the coast.


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Approx Distance from Lakewood: 1 hour, 20 minutes (or you can try one of these many closer options)




Destination: GoKarting, Arcades, Laser Tag & More at iPlay AmericaIndoor Amusement Park

What’s There?  Racing go-karts, laser tag battles and the Freedom Rider Spinning Coaster, simultaneously challenge and entertain guests inside the amusement facility spanning nearly 4 acres. Like its outdoor cousins, the indoor fun park houses more than 250 arcade games for the whole family.

Interactive amusements, such as the iPA Speedway, place patrons in the driver’s seat of a real vehicle, and the 4D Motion Theater tantalizes visual senses with video images and sound effects. Sky Trail, an indoor ropes course, features 17 unique elements to conquer, like beams, nets, and rope ladders; meanwhile, the Sky Tykes course will let younger visitors join in the fun along the coast.


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Approx Distance from Lakewood: 25 minutes

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Destination: Tuckerton Seaport and Living History Experience

What’s There?  At Tuckerton Seaport you can spend an hour or spend the day. Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum has a small but very talented staff. Featuring a variety of sea side attractions, including mini golf and demonstrations by decoy carvers, boat builders, and basket makers who have spent their lives living the Barnegat Bay traditions. Guests meet and interact with these tradition bearers which makes their visit a very memorable one.

Tuckerton Seaport is both peaceful and exciting, depending on the day you visit. Open 362 days a year, sometimes it feels like you have the entire 40 acres to yourself. Visit during one of our festivals in the summer and it is a very different experience, as they can have a crowd of 2,000.


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Approx Distance from Lakewood: 40 minutes


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