Cloudy with a Chance of Matzah Balls – Pick of the Week Weather-Wise… 10 Family Chol Hamoed Trip Ideas for TODAY!!

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We know, we know.

The weather hasn’t really been the best fro chol hamoed outings… to say the least!

Can you blame us if its at our most overtired time of the year that we change over while we exhaustedly forge ahead through davening still saying ‘Morid Hageshem‘ and ‘V’sen Tal U’matar’?

Just kidding! 🙂

While not a perfect day, today will be up to 65 degrees. Yes there will be a passing shower (or two or three,) but there is also some sun predicted and a clearer day than the past two days.

But beware the predicted 30 to 50 mph winds…

So how can you make the most of the day? Fly a kite! Work with the wind, head to a park (bring along the bikes) and work with the weather, not against it!

Where you do that… plus 9 other adventures you can do today:

  1. Most state and county parks as well as beaches are great options for this! Consider Liberty State Park, where you can also watch the boat and air traffic, use the playgrounds, bike the boardwalk and more

  2. If the weather really gets bad, head over to Liberty Science Center which is located at the edge of the state park. While not cheap, it is a great, huge science museum and you can have it as a ready backup plan

  3. Rebounderz in Edison is a huge indoor trampoline park offering $9 for 1 hour per person, a great price especially over Chol Hamoed!

  4. Head to Newark Liberty International Airport and ride the free monorail with the kids! Watch planes take off and land, see the airplanes fueling and more.  Perfect for younger children, and FREE

  5. Take the Staten Island Ferry into Manhattan. FREE! There is a great playground, walking or biking paths and nearby helicopter launching pads to watch on the Manhattan side you can enjoy! It’s indoors on the ferry, there is a H-U-G-E fish tank where you can watch the fish inside the ferry terminal, and parking is relatively inexpensive at just around $10 on the Staten Island side. Bonus! You can even bring the bikes onto the ferry! We have!

  6. Expensive but highly sophisticated and very, very interesting, head to the city (using public transportation, if you want to make a more fun experience out of it for the family, and avoid parking hassles) and go to the National Geographic Dive Experience, where you spend about two hours in a mass underwater virtual aquarium across the world’s oceans before finally being swallowed by a massive 40′ humpback whale! (Tried and tested, expensive but fun!)

  7. Head to Watchung Reservation, offering both indoor and outdoor activities, a FREE 3- floor interpretive nature center, and even a deserted village you can explore!

  8. Head to the world’s fourth largest zooFREE TODAY, and EVERY WEDNESDAY!

  9. Another smaller FREE ZOO in NJ option for you you pretty much are guaranteed not to have known about

  10. Use our interactive MAP and find a great idea for TODAY!

Find this attraction and all of our other attractions and more on the exclusive Map by clicking HERE

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