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Tried and Tested Places, Plus a Great Resource to Find More!

So… “I’m soooooo bored,” your kids say, the refrain all parents come to dread between camp and school.

You’re back from vacation, school’s not until mid-next week, and there’s only so much you and your wallet can handle of this.

Enter: with a superb NJ resource to find the best playgrounds in the state!

Most are free, some also have add-ons, like a train ride, carousel or zoo.

Where on earth is this one in the picture below, you ask?

How about within 15 minutes of Passaic/Clifton!


Read on and see!

Above picture and the following six below, are Overpeck Park  in Bergen County, NJ (right near Teaneck)


  • It features on of the most unique climbing structures / trampolines we’ve ever seen!


  • Check it out! Fun for ages 2-200!


  • Also features a superb amount of swings for all


  • And a monster-sized playground for the littler and not-so-little ones


  • Top it off with a picturesque reservoir,


  • Canoe rentals and a walking path, and this park is a sure winner!


  • Check out the easiest way to get a canoe or kayak in or out of the water… very cool!



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GPS Address: 40 Fort Lee Rd, Leonia, NJ 07605

Tried and Tested: Yes!

Recommended for: All Ages!

Worth traveling an hour for? We’d say yes to this one.

Distance from Passaic/Clifton: Approx 15-20 Min.


Knew about this playground, and want to find even more, with an interactive map too?

Check out this link:



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