Back and Better than Ever: Trip Report: Our New England Adventure! 22 Days, 8 States, 1,800 Miles – Part 1

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Hello everyone, and thanks for your patience during our 2017 Summer Exploration Journey these last 3 weeks!

The good news is that we’re back with a whole trip report of great places you can explore on your own vacation adventure,  and we’ll have done the been-there-done-that, so you know what to do on your vacation – all tried and tested!


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Did you read the recent Mishpacha Magazine Family First Feature Article, with our family’s 28 road-trip adventure last summer?


Here’s the trip report of this year’s summer adventure – along the East Coast of the US, from New Jersey through New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and back!


Packing up our trusty RV (shown above outside the Kosher Grocery in Detroit, Michigan last summer,) took a good two weeks, as we got ready to head out on the road the first Monday after school ended.

We planned for a big driving push on day one, and reserved a campsite in Western New Hampshire for the night and rest of the week. this way, we could travel a lot less between attractions once we were out there already.

Traveling geographically, that puts us through New York first, so…


Welcome to the traffic!


Thankfully things cleared up as we got close to the Massachusetts border,

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where we tunneled, (ok, the roadway did…)


right under a mountain,


– pretty cool!


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This article is sponsored by Florida Kosher Villas – Stay with the best!



Welcome to Eastern Massachusetts!

Ready for a break, we headed for the Welcome Center – but very poor signage and lots of unmarked detours made it difficult to find, and even worse, they had no parking for RV’s there… what kind of welcome center is that?

Fittingly, all they had there was the Basketball Hall of Fame, great if your family is into sports (which we aren’t).


The air dryers in the restroom were pretty unique, though.


The rest of the “Welcome Center” consisted of a tiny kiosk with a single brochure… hmmm.

We cooked up a quick lunch on the RV stove top before security asked us to leave as we were taking up six parking spots… can’t say I blame them 🙂 – maybe they should make their welcome center a bit more welcoming to travelers though

and headed northwards to Vermont,


where they do have real welcome centers and nicer scenery (but no electrical or water hookups for RV’s in any of their State Parks – go figure!)


Being ready for more travel after our recent break, we continued on without stopping though,

before crossing the Connecticut river into beautiful New Hampshire.


Where we finally reached Jacobs Brook Campground -a beautifully kept campground along the Vermont / New Hampshire border.


  A personalized message board outside the office was a welcome experience!


We set up camp, collected firewood from the abundant woods alongside our campsite, and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows on a campfire for supper before turning in for the night.



Report continues momentarily!

This article is sponsored by Florida Kosher Villas – Stay with the best!


Early the next morning, the kids were up and getting more firewood for morning grilled cheeseincredible over a campfire,

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and perfect when roasted with these convenient holders that are perfect for grilled cheese!


The roads in New Hampshire and Vermont are beautiful and scenic, offering views and vistas that keep unfolding as you drive.


Additionally the whole of New England was settled pretty early on, and many historic towns dot the landscape, like this Haverstraw Corner Historic District right nearby our campgrounds.


It’s not unusual to find towns settled in the 1600’s as well.


We snapped a quick pic to share of this guy’s yard… hick land 🙂


We loved stopping into these great local stores, like this “Discount Jim’s Aldrich General Store,” where we purchased a near-new kids bike for all of $24.50.


Cattle crossing – a sign we passed on dozens of occasions along our trip.


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Beautiful layers of mountains as we’re heading towards Franconia Notch and the town of Lincoln – home of the world-famous Clark’s Trained Bear Show while exploring on our second day.


Gotta love a chalkboard truck like this!


We headed to the not-to-be-missed Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves  a must for every age,

which we’ll write more about in upcoming Part 2 – Read it HERE, iy”H! Stay tuned!

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