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Picture above is of our van RV set up in a campground.

“RV”= Rowner Vehicle,

(new definition added to Webster’s,  as of summer ’15)

Whet your appetite yet?

It all began at a garage sale, where this guy was selling his pop-up camper – you know – the thing that always passed us on the highway being pulled by a car that looks  like a giant long, low cooler being towed…

I had always wondered what those were…


Long story short –

It is a travel camper RV in which everything folds down and when completely opened, brings along everything for our family of 9, including the kitchen sink!

How, you ask?  So did we!

Read on for details:

This floorplan picture above is very similar to our RV (and yes, ours has a working restroom! – everyone seems incredulous about that)

Bottom line, we got ours used on Craigslist from a wonderful guy who was happy that we should take his cheap and make more family memories with it…

…and so, the first “Rowner Vehicle” was born.


A few questions we maybe should have asked ourselves first:

  • Did we know how to drive while towing a 19′ long, 2500lb trailer? (Glad you asked us afterwards.)
  • Did we know that the tires were really worn to the bottom? (Yes, so we visited our local used tire guy, and $60 later had “brand new” used tires.)
  • Did we know that trailers use special tires with 80PSI air to hold the trailers weight on two tires instead of a car’s four? (No, but why would that make any difference?)  –[ ha!!]
  • Did the used tire guy know the difference? (nope)

And so with those helpful questions unanswered, on to the trip!


We started out from Passaic on a Thursday afternoon…

…around 5PM, heading towards a cousin in Cleveland for Shabbos, with a planned stopover in Bald Eagle State Park, at about the halfway point in Pennsylvania.


[mapsmarker marker=”38″]


[In a future article we will talk more about this park – which we highly recommend for boating & more!]

I should mention that apparently the entire world  seemed to want to join us on our journey, or so it seemed as we crawled westward along route 80 at 3mph in heavy traffic.

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Continuing with your article...

About an hour into PA…. BOOM!

Let’s cut to the chase by saying that we quickly learned how to change a trailer tire alongside big rigs flying past at 120mph…

…right by my shoulders on the highway’s shoulder!


We decided that no matter, we were keeping our positive attitude, and laughed about it as we took  the above picture as the first part of our adventure.

An hour or so later, we arrived at our stop for the night – Bald Eagle State Park,

…where we were greeted by this sign on the bathroom door



Very comforting in black bear country…

especially for those who preferred a flush toilet to our chemical one at 2:30AM…

Our campsite had a “bear pole” for campers to hang food out of reach of the bears who are great climbers but wouldn’t be able to manage the slippery metal pole.

My kids made great use of it to keep out of the bears’ reach : )


(This tiny interruption can save you $ too...)Try Amazon Prime FREE! continues...

7 days of adventure on this trip remain to be written and it gets better and better as it goes along so…

Sign up for updates and stay tuned for Part 2!

Some upcoming highlights in the pictures below… details to follow in upcoming article(s)





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Most of all, have fun!


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