Achashvierosh’s Palace – Yes, the Real Deal – An Incredible Pictorial Purim Virtual Tour – of Shushan Habirah, by

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A few weeks ago with Purim on the horizon, I went researching to find a coin from the time of Achashveirosh to let my kids handle.

It’s common knowledge that using multiple senses reinforces the message of something and holding a coin from Shushan would make it all the more real for them.

I did find two actually, and had them shipped from Cyprus, Greece but that process got my curiosity flowing…

Could I find Achashveirosh’s Palace on Google Maps?

A couple of minutes of online research brought me to modern-day Persia – aka Iran – and to Persepolis, the well- known to the locals, immaculately preserved palace of both Achasveiosh and Daryavesh, his successor.

While the Palace itself was destroyed by Alexander the Great, the ruins were carefully preserved over the years for all to see.

The problem is, if you’d like to see the amazing Palace in person, you might just get Ahmed Ahmadinejad as your tour guide…

So on second thought, we at take you on an amazing virtual tour from the comfort of your own computer screen with this amazing gallery of pictures we compiled for your viewing pleasure!

So without further ado, let’s go to Shushan habira where Achashvierosh’s palace is the center of things and the feast is just getting underway…








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We decided to let the Megillah tell you the story and left the descriptions for your own imagination to fit to the pictures.

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