A Steal of A Seal Watching Deal – Right Here in New York, Right Now Through April – (Yes, You Read Right!)

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One day we’ll convince him to allow us to write it up, but one ‘Roving Rowner’ brother took a trip out to New Zealand and saw some seals up close ( -are you reading this, Reuven?)

New Zealand?? How about right HERE in NY?!

In the midst of your hectic life surrounded by honking horns, foot traffic, houses and stores of every kind, you might be forgiven for forgetting how close the Atlantic Ocean really is.  And the ocean means beaches, boats, fish and yes, even seals!


(All pictures in this post come from this seal watching trip deal’s own site, and YOU can get pictures like this yourself too!)

Last year we wrote a trip-report about a fascinating seal-watching trip we took in December in nearby Brooklyn – you can read about that here – but this one is operating right now, all the Winter through April, including Chol Hamoed Pesach!


Of course, you can go straight to the tour’s website and book for $30.00 per person, (!) but why would you ever do that?

Follow our lead and land a real steal of a deal for $13.75 each!


BONUS! Today ONLY, use Promo Code ‘ LOVE ‘ at checkout to bring the price down to $11 per person, in multiples of four! How about that… $120.00 down to just $44!!

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So when can you go? Here’s the sailing schedule for February, March and April for your convenience.

There’s even on smack in middle of Chol Hamoed Pesach you can book!



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