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Lakewood, NJ, is one of the fastest growing Torah communities in the United States today.


It has become a hub for Orthodox Jews of every type – chassidish, litvishe, yeshivish; no matter your “leaning”, Lakewood offers something for everyone these days.



What is less-known, is that Lakewood was a resort town known for its terrific country air, not all that long ago. Years ago, there was a plethora of hotels and lodging options in town, where one could spend a Shabbos, a summer or a few days of vacation.

[Above is an actual postcard, circa 1910, of the Laurel in the Pines Hotel]


[Above is an interior picture of the hotel, of the Laurel in the Pines Hotel circa 1920s]

That all changed with the closing of such establishments and the booming construction of housing developments that took the place of a once booming vacation locale.


Until relatively recently, anyone wishing to spend some time in the Lakewood area either had to check into a hotel that was not within walking distance to the central part of town or call upon a friend or relative who resided there and ask them to host them for a night or two.


And while both of those options were acceptable ones, chances are the “guest” had to choose between being luxuriously accommodated in private settings OR be situated close enough to shuls, kosher shopping and restaurants, and simcha halls.


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The need continued to grow and grow with no viable solution in place until such time that Lakewood Hosts, a subsidiary of Florida Kosher Villas LLC, came onto the scene. 


The same husband and wife team who turned vacationing in Florida into “dream vacationing” by offering luxurious private villas for rent took that very same concept and filled a niche that was sorely lacking in the Greater Lakewood area and its sub-communities.


Today, anyone wanting accommodations that are luxurious and spotlessly clean, centrally located to about a dozen different “parts of town”, and close to the many simcha halls, Torah institutions, kosher shopping, and restaurants merely needs to reach out to the Lakewood Hosts staff who will direct them to a property that best suits their specific criteria.

Additionally, according to a recent survey taken among nearly 800 baalei simcha in the Lakewood area, the number one “stressor” of over 90% of those surveyed was a lack of suitable housing for their guests. 

For the many who kn”h have growing families, as the years pass this challenge gets greater and greater.


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Whether you have family and friends coming in from out of town for a simcha and have exhausted the supply of your friends’ extra bedrooms, your children and grandchildren are joining you for Yom Tov but there are not enough bedrooms in your own home to host them all, your elderly parents need some extra “tlc” but cannot put you up in their adult community residence, or you live “out of town” and want to enjoy some time in the newest hotspot called Lakewood, NJ, you can easily find superb accommodations by reaching out to Lakewood Hosts.

Their properties are all either brand new or newly renovated and all are tastefully decorated, with some being more luxurious than others in order to work within everyone’s budgets. 

One can rent a two bedroom suite or a seven bedroom mansion and house families of any size.


There are even properties that are located on the same block or around the corner from each other, making family reunions possible and convenient to arrange.  And with all of the kosher food choices in the area, planning one anywhere else in the tri-state area should not even be an option.

All are beautifully furnished and outfitted with hotel style linens and towels, kosher kitchens with major appliances, basic Shabbos needs such as hot water urns, electric platas, challah boards, siddurim, etc. and much more. 

Basic cleaning and laundry supplies, starter kits of toiletries, and a few days’ worth of disposable plates and cutlery are provided for each stay, providing even more convenience to the traveler coming in from out of town.

Coming as a guest could not be easier.  Understanding that that preparing for a trip involves many details, Lakewood Hosts has made it as seamless as possible for any guest, whether coming as a couple or coming with a large group. 

All that remains is for you to pack your clothing and personal items and show up. 

The smallest details have been handled so you can rest assured you will not have to run to the store the moment you arrive at your destination.


As a host, knowing that your family and guests are staying in a property that is spotless, beautifully decorated, and filled with all of their basic needs, you can concentrate on what is most important – enjoying your time together with your guests.

Lakewood Hosts has a management staff on hand to handle any issues that might arise during a guest’s stay.  We want you to feel “at home” in your villa but not alone, in case the need arises for some assistance.


In addition, Lakewood Hosts has a concierge staff (fee based service) on hand that will be happy to assist you – as a host or as a guest – with your table and chair rentals, arrange tickets for any venue you would like to visit, book a party room at the restaurant of your choice or just a “table for two”, assist you with airport transfers, and the list goes on.

On the flip side, Lakewood Hosts also offers property management for those who own a second home or suite in Lakewood and would like to generate some income for those times of the year that they themselves are not in residence.



And as the customers say, they’re obviously doing a great job!

So whether planning a relaxing vacation on your own, hosting family and friends, or wanting to make the most of your Lakewood property, reach out to Lakewood Hosts.



Lakewood Hosts … making the most of what Lakewood has to offer.

Contact us by email at: [email protected]

Or reach us by phone at any of our various locations:
Brooklyn Office: (718) 926-9850
Lakewood Office: (732) 707-7949
North Miami Beach Office: (305) 650-8830

The Weinberger Family
Florida Kosher Villas LLC & Lakewood Hosts LLC

Market leaders in luxury kosher vacation rentals, offering concierge management and vacation bookings since 2009
LakewoodHosts.com & Floridakoshervillas.com


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