A Floating Frying Pan Museum You Can Visit – (Latkes not included) – A Unique Attraction L’Kovod Zos Chanukah

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A Freilichen Zos Chanukah from the Staff at GreatFrumTrips.com!

In honor of all the fried latkes and doughnuts we’ve all consumed, we post this ‘where-on-earth-is-that’ attraction:

A Floating Frying Pan Museum You Can Visit – (Latkes not included)

Huh, you ask?

Good question!

A total of 179 lightships  – essentially floating transportable lighthouses – were built for the US Coast Guard (originally the US Lighthouse Service) between 1820 and 1983.

By 1985 all of the lightships that had faithfully protected 116 locations in US waters had been replaced by much cheaper navigational buoys or off shore light towers, so most of the entire fleet of them was scrapped for parts and materials.

So what does that have to do with latkes, you ask. Why, the curious name that was give to one of these last remaining museum-worthy pieces, of course. And you can visit it yourself, free! 

Called “The Frying Pan”  this ship is one of only fifteen lightships that remain intact today. Most of the others are in museum collections, like the Ambrose at South Street Seaport in Manhattan, and a few are privately owned and kept for personal use.

For all the ships the “Frying Pan” saved from the watery depths of the sea, it is ironic that she herself sank while docked in the Chesapeake Bay.

Watch the ship sinking below – actual pics taken by a bystander put into a short 30 second animated slideshow – (frames change approx every 2 seconds):

After spending three years submerged, the Frying Pan was resurfaced by salvage-rs and sold to it’s current owners.

The ship was emptied of tons of shells and silt and the exterior of the ship was repaired for seaworthiness.

However, the interior has been left rusted and barnacle encrusted to acknowledge her unique and curious past.

Among the relics remaining aboard the ship are a cabinet full of jars containing small preserved creatures and a piano.

The Frying Pan is currently docked next to a bar that shares its name and can be easily boarded and explored by the bar’s patrons.

Please NOTE: As of this post, this seasonal attraction is CLOSED FOR THE SEASON, and will re-open April 1st.

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Lightship Frying Pan & Pier 66 Maritime Hours:

Regular Season: May 1 – October 1
Open 7 days a week  (subject to weather)
12 noon – 12 am

Off-Season: April 1 – 31 & October 1 – 31
Open when weather is 65 degrees or over
12 noon – 12 am

Closed: November 1 – April 1

Note: Pier 66 Maritime is a seasonal locale with some protection from incremental weather, we try to keep you informed of any occasional closings due to weather. Please check the Pier 66 Maritime website for updates

General Information

Pier 66 Maritime is a seasonal outdoor site at Pier 66 within Hudson River Park. The location includes a former Lackawanna railroad barge, the Pier 66 Maritime Bar & Grill, the Lightship Frying Pan, a historic rail float bridge, and an authentic 1900’s caboose.

The Pier 66 Maritime Bar & Grill has a [NON KOSHER] full service bar and delicious food prepared on site. The Bar & Grill is located on the floating railroad barge that is securely docked at Pier 66.

The Lightship Frying Pan and the John J. Harvey Fireboat are moored alongside. Come to Pier 66 Maritime and watch the boats sail down the Hudson River and stay for the sunset.


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  • Full bar & grill [NON KOSHER]
  • Second story viewing deck
  • Lightship Frying Pan Dining Area[NON KOSHER]
  • An authentic 1900’s railroad caboose
  • Seating throughout (on a first come, first served basis)
  • Large covered area with weather protection
  • A casual self-service style throughout the barge

How to Get to Lightship Frying Pan

Lightship Frying Pan is permanently moored at Pier 66 which is located three blocks north of Chelsea Piers, on Pier 66 at West 26th Street, in the Hudson River Park.

Public Transportation:
Take M23 crosstown bus west to Chelsea Piers which is the last stop and walk 3 blocks or 3 piers north.
You can catch the M23 from C/E lines on 8th Ave, the 1/9 lines on 7th, the F and Path Trains on 6th, the N/R on Broadway, or the 5,6 over on the east side.

Take bike-way in the Hudson River Park to Pier 66

Car or Taxi:
Exit Westside Highway on W26th Street
Closest Parking Garage is in The Chelsea Piers Sporting Complex
Please note that drop off of passengers in the Hudson River Park is PROHIBITED


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