Siamese Trees, Airplanes, Helicopters, Trails and More – FREE – A Trip Report on Hawk Rise Sanctuary in Linden, NJ

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Hi, everyone! We  had a blast meeting so many Jewish families last week at the Touch-A-Truck and Earth Festival Events last Sunday at Watchung Reservation!

It’s great to see people enjoying the fruits of our labor, and it added to the fun, when one of the face painters mentioned that it was so unusual for them to have so many Jewish families at the Reservation, and they wondered how people knew to come out! 🙂

Either way, the place was ENORMOUS, so to those who say, “Nah, we don’t want to go where you post about – we prefer to avoid the crowds,” know that we’re exactly like you!

We make great efforts to find and post about places where you won’t have that problem.


Anyways, on to the next great trip report from 2 weeks ago.

Check this one out!

Where we find the greatest places? Ahh…. we’ll let that one be our little secret.

Today we write about Hawk Rise Sanctuary – the perfect sized Nature & Wildlife trail for an afternoon, non strenuous family trip – that you can even navigate with a jogging stroller or bikes.

This one is central to many Jewish communities, quiet as a mouse, beautiful for lighter hiking and well maintained so that it is largely unspoiled.

Along Exit 137 on the Garden State Parkway, the city of Linden isn’t known for it’s nature & beauty – it is much more easily recognized for its tremendous oil refineries and all of those gigantic white gas storage tanks you pass by along the Highway.

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But that wouldn’t give us anything to write about, and perhaps that’s why it’s so surprising to find such a beautiful day trip destination right in the refineries backyards –

– leaving you feeling a million miles away from the industrialized zone it starts in.

The trails are a combination boardwalk, bridges and pebbled trails,

and nothing really stops you from meandering off into the woods to take in the sights,


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or catch some minnows


Funnily enough, this oasis of a place, like many of these great quiet places we have found, seem to be centered on or around a garbage dump that’s been turned into a park!

The picture below shows the landfill which has been covered and bears no resemblance (or smell!) to the pile of garbage it conceals.


Bring along binoculars, and you may be able to spot a family of fox pups romping around the hill.


Here are two previous articles we wrote about similar GREAT places near  or to replace large landfills:


Sunken Treasure YOU CAN EXPLORE – (Bonus Lion / Tiger & MORE!)




Floating Docks, Bird-Watching, Nature Trails, Hiking Paths, & Water – 5 Minutes from Passaic/Clifton?

An added bonus is the many airplanes and helicopters you keep seeing overhead from the nearby Linden Airport.



Leave us a comment if you were able to find these Siamese trees!!




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Interesting signs and tens of feral (wild) cats line the entrance way to the parking area, which also houses the Linden Animal Shelter.

The cats do NOT seem to come to where you park for the sanctuary, so no worries if you are afraid of animals.



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Great Frum Tips

1) Bring along the bikes and go bike riding!
2) Bring along deli sandwiches or portable grill, and make a picnic supper!


Details and directions coming up right after the best deal on a Shavuos Getaway! From Just $399!!


NOTE: Even with a GPS, we had difficulty finding it. The Trick is to TURN IN by THIS SIGN!



Name: Hawk Rise Sanctuary

Hours: Dawn ’til Dusk

Website for information

GPS Address: 1811 Lower Rd, Linden, NJ 07036

(Click address above for directions in Google Maps)

Located in: Linden, NJ – Not too far from anywhere

Distance from Lakewood: Approx 50 min

Distance from Elizabeth / Highland Park / Edison: Approx 20 min

Distance from Passaic / Clifton / Fairlawn / North Bergen / Teaneck / West Orange: Approx 30 min

Distance from Monsey / Brooklyn / Queens: 50-60 min (more with traffic).

Tried & Tested: YES!

Worth traveling an hour for? We’d give this one a yes for value for the money, but you know your family best!

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Whatever you choose to do, have fun!

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