Sunken Treasure YOU CAN EXPLORE – (Bonus Lion / Tiger & MORE!)

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Now on to your article...

Intriguing title?

We thought so too 🙂

Remember the Staten Island of old? Made famous for the Fresh Kills Landfill?

Fresh Kills Landfill is on the western edge of Staten Island. The Fresh Kills Landfill was a landfill covering 2,200 acres (890 ha) in the New York City borough of Staten Island in the United States.

… It was once the largest landfill, as well as human-made structure, in the world.

Ok, you say, I knew that.

But what has that got to do with sunken treasure?

A whole lot, actually.

Right alongside the landfill lies an obscure little park that you’d miss if you blink.

Behind this park, in the shadow of the landfill

and through the reeds, is a ‘tugboat graveyard.’

A what?!

A graveyard for boats of all kinds, actually!

Tugboats, barges, ships and more!

Semi-sunken in the water, and fairly accessible to see for yourself!

When we found this in our research, we held off posting about it until we could see for ourselves how to go about it.

We took a staff visit there yesterday, and here is what we found:

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Continuing with your article...

As there wasn’t an official address on google maps for our GPS, we used the address of a nearby recycling company, but were greeted by this sign:

I guess we aren’t the only intrepid explorers…

Instead, we turned around and headed a few hundred feet back in the direction we came and saw this place, which we just had to stop and take a picture of to share.

When we have a bit more time, that’s the kind of place I’d love to check out – (come on – look at that lion / tiger/ wheeled bike thingy!

Certainly had to have been created by some kind of mad genius : )

Especially since it is located right next door to the public access to the boat graveyard.

We take a pause at this point to state unequivocally: This article and its contents are provided for informational purposes only. If you choose to go to any attraction we post about, it is at your own risk, and we, our staff, and assume no responsibility for injuries, harm, trespassing or mishap incurred. To those who choose to explore – TAKE PRECAUTIONS, and remember: SAFETY FIRST.

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Heading down from the little grassy park entrance we parked at, we hiked/waded/sloshed through the (somewhat muddy) reeds down to the water.

Note: The property on the left side of the park is private – please remember to make a Kiddush Hashem and not trespass there… tempting though it may be to get down to the water.

There is access from the RIGHT side with  a bit of effort.

Being low-tide, we found all kinds of things in the muddy bay bottom, like the barnacles above,

and some old maritime artifacts, like this rope.

There is an ancient wooden barge that has long ago seen better days we came across.

(do not attempt the photos below!!)

Covered in barnacles at low tide.. it is covered in thousands upon thousands of them close to the water level.

A view of the inside above:

Of the barge top with sunken tugboats in the background

Looking out from the inside, (above and below)

Another view, (above and below)

A gigantic ancient winch awaits Mashiach atop a barge,

rusting alongside many other neighborly barge & ships,

as well as relics of a rich maritime history, long since past.

A orchard of trees sprouts from this wooden barge, nearly obscuring it from view

and a giant old wooden mast bridges a gap

alongside stacks of rotting, large, wood & metal boats,

(slave-galley?) seats,  bilge pumps,

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boat propellers,

and more, all rest peacefully on the Arthur Kill bottom.

Shadows offer great photo opportunities on sunny afternoons.

Above: Remains of Noach’s Teivah perhaps?

And finally… proof that Spring is in the air, on our way back to the car!


Name: Tugboat Graveyard

(Convenient to many frum communities, in Staten Island)

GPS Address:

(Click address above for directions in Google Maps)


Distance from Passaic/Clifton/Fairlawn/North Bergen Approx 35-40 min

Distance from Teaneck/Monsey/West Orange Approx 50 / 50 / 60 min

Distance from Brooklyn/Queens/Lakewood: 50-60

Tried & Tested: Yes! Read the post!

Recommended For: Families who want to see this CAREFULLY and adults.

BONUS: Check out the ‘Lion’ written abut above, and there is incredible, fascinating  ship traffic passing by you can see as well.

TIP! Make a day out of it by trying the Staten Island Ferry – we’ll write about that later.

Have a good Shabbos,

stay safe, and have fun!


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